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  • Quarantining While Vulnerable: An Intersectional Perspective on Race, Health, and Faith During a Global Pandemic 

    Harris, Tina M.
    While my intersectionality vacillates with this new normal, I refuse the old normal rife with various and layered iterations of systemic oppression as I vigilantly hope and pray for a new world where respect, humanity, ...
  • Body as Disease 

    Oh, David C.
    COVID-19's spread has made my racially marked body the symbol of the disease.
  • An Iranian Narrative of COVID-19 

    Yavari, Mehri
    Pandemics situation is very similar to life in Iran under a past war and the current sanctions.
  • Communication, Care, Compassion, and Women Leadership: An Expatriate Watching Her Homeland (Kerala, India) 

    Jose, Sindhu
    How effective communication, care, compassion, and a system in place had transformed one small Indian state's fight against COVID-19.
  • Where is Home? 

    Lemish, Dafna
    The abstract concept of home investigated as part of a research project with migrant academics becomes concrete during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Precarious Lives and Infinite Hope: Covid-19 Challenges Us 

    Kapoor, Priya
    Our experience of COVID-times is both particular, unique, and based upon our social standing with political ferment there is hope for greater equality.
  • Qurantine Eve 

    Valanzola, Ashley
    In a small French town, a local archivist went out of her way to help with my research as the full COVID-19 quarantine went into effect.
  • 300 in 10 for TASK 

    Raghuraman, Dhruti
    After I realized the toll the COVID-19 pandemic was taking on my community, I knew I needed to do anything I could to help; so, I began a 10-day fundraiser for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.
  • Home is Where the Heart Is: the Bruneian Context 

    Ho, Hannah Ming Yit
    This essay offers a critique of the handling of COVID-19 within the Bruneian nation-state.
  • How on earth did I lose friendships over COVID-19? 

    Wu, Jingsi Christina
    Despite our best efforts at curbing unpleasant arguments that would result from our fundamentally different opinions of the Trump presidency, it took a public health crisis to rock such growingly tenuous friendships and ...
  • Unimagined Communities in a Time of Global Crisis 

    Gao, Weisong
    A reflection on the theory of diaspora and the future of immigration
  • An apprenticeship in observation 

    Rao, Ranjani
    How I discovered writing inspiration in my familiar neighborhood during a pandemic
  • The Quaranstein 

    Naseem, Samina
    This is a narrative of a woman, who shares excerpts from her life to illustrate that a disease is not the only reason why people are quarantined.
  • Pride vs Anxiety 

    Pattabhiraman, Sunandhini
    A blog on the constant balancing act I tend to play between feeling anxious and feeling proud, of my daughter who is a junior doctor in the UK, on the frontlines during these times of crisis.
  • Reading in the Time of Coronavirus 

    Krishnankutty, Nalini
    Limiting media consumption decreased my information overload during COVID-19, while insights from poetry and the stories of family and friends provided resilience and forward momentum through action and activism.
  • No, this is not how I had expected my Senior Year would end 

    Svetlov, Nicole Rene
    A Personal Narrative which details the increase in ethnic and racial tensions, which results from a general sense of panic and the influence said panic has over global politics.
  • Home Alone During a Pandemic 

    Chattopadhyay, Sumana
    In this essay I reflect about my experiences navigating the COVID-19 quarantine within the confines of my home, alone in a foreign land far away from my family.
  • Eyeliner 

    Mark, Lauren
    This piece is an invitation into one woman’s navigations of COVID-19 alongside the threat and manifestations of viral racism as a U.S. based Asian woman.
  • The Same Old New Normal 

    D'Souza, Ryan Arron
    The author tries to make sense of the ideas and practices normalized during quarantine.
  • Balcony Stories 

    Ramadurai, Charukesi
    When social distancing is a byword, apartment balconies serve as windows to the world.

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