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This digital collection is expected to contain a diversity of resources, including journal articles and conference papers, book chapters, presentations, visualizations, models, animations, working papers, white papers, project reports, student works (incl. theses and dissertations), books or other monographs, conference proceedings, manuscript or archival materials, photographs and pictorial works. The collection is curated by Rebecca Hankins, Associate Professor in the Cushing Memorial Library at Texas A&M University.

Recent Submissions

  • Hankins, Rebecca (Kennesaw State University-African and African Diaspora Studies, 2014-06)
    Website devoted to a 2-day workshop for Kennesaw State University faculty to develop a methodology for infusing Islamic popular culture into the teaching curriculum for K-12 and undergraduate students.
  • Ahmad, Muhammad Aurangzeb; Khan, Ahmad (MA Ahmad, 2007-01-04)
    A Mosque Among The Stars was the first anthology that dealt with the subject of Muslim characters and/or Islamic themes and Science Fiction.