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  • Mining Writing Center Data for Information Literacy Practices 

    Graves, Stephanie J.; Anders, Kathy Christie; Balester, Valerie (Reference Services Review, 2017)
    ● Purpose ○ Collaborations between writing centers and libraries create opportunities for providing information literacy intervention for students doing researched writing. This case study gathered data from writing ...
  • In a Research-Writing Frame of Mind 

    Anders, Kathy Christie; Hemstrom, Cassie (American Library Association, 2016)
    Librarians have been coordinating with composition instructors to offer information literacy instruction in composition classrooms long enough that it can no longer be considered a new trend, but rather a standard feature ...
  • The Geopolitical vs the Network Political: Internet Designers and Governance 

    Braman, Sandra (Intellect, 2013)
    With the recognition that communication networks in general and the Internet in particular are not only infrastructural but socio-technical in nature comes the responsibility to think such networks through from the ...
  • "We Are Bradley Manning": Information Policy, the Legal Subject, and the WikiLeaks Complex 

    Braman, Sandra (International Journal of Communication, 2014)
    Because autonomous networks such as WikiLeaks have no presence in US law as legal subjects, the US government struggled to identify the legal subject during the trial of Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning) that led to ...
  • Paragraph Structure 

    Hartberg, Yasha (2019-11-12)

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