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Cultivating Shared Services - Four Winds Digital Signage53175
Volume 21 - 1990: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETIES AND INFORMATION TRANSFER IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE - Proceedings of the 25th Meeting of the Geoscience Information Society (25th Anniversary 1965-1990)53079
Introduction to vectors and tensors, Vol 1: linear and multilinear algebra(legacy)28054
BIOL 111 - Introductory Biology I21755
Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences OER Textbook21356
The Distanced Church: Reflections on Doing Church Online20361
Introduction to vectors and tensors, Vol 2: vector and tensor analysis(legacy)16414
Dark tourism: understanding visitor motivation at sites of death and disaster(legacy)14788
Streamlining TNS Data Collection for ML-Based RTL QoR Prediction14687
On a Series Involving Euler's Function14337