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The China Archive is a data archive dedicated to support of scholarly, empirical research by anthropologists, economists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, and others in the fields of business, agriculture, and engineering. The goal of the Archive is to enable case research on Chinese domestic matters and China–U.S. relations, as well as to facilitate the inclusion of China in more broadly comparative studies.

To that end, the Archive’s mission includes:

  • acquiring and maintaining extant data sets and data sources on an ongoing basis,
  • facilitating production of quantitative data from textual information when such is desirable and feasible,
  • making all of the Archive’s data available on a user-friendly basis to scholars at and visiting Texas A&M University, and
  • establishing web-based links to searchable electronic sources of information on China.

As long-term goals, The China Archive is especially dedicated to:

  • locating and acquiring difficult-to-obtain Chinese data such as public opinion data,
  • making as many of the holdings as possible available online or via other computer media, and
  • providing capability for converting textual data to numerical data suitable for quantitative analysis.
In keeping with these goals, the Archive includes data sets collected by individuals and research centers/institutes as well as by government agencies.

Questions concerning the Archive should be directed to Wendi Arant-Kaspar, Policy Sciences and Economics Librarian, Texas A&M University, (Inquires concerning The China Survey 2008 should be directed to Robert Hamel, Professor of Political Science, at

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