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    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Evacuation Zone Development Report 

      Peacock, W.G.; Abuabara, A.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Bierling, D.H.; Mullins, J.A., III; Moore, R.A.; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Hurricane Harvey Evacuation Behavior Survey Outcomes and Findings 

      Bierling, D.H.; Lindell, M.K.; Peacock, W.G.; Abuabara, A.; Moore, R.A.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Transportation Analysis Report 

      Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W.; Bierling, D.H.; Peacock, W.G.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Abuabara, A. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Vulnerability Analysis Report 

      Peacock, W.G.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Abuabara, A.; Bierling, D.H.; Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Digital heritage documentation of structures at the Maya sites of Birds of Paradise - North and Tz'unun in Belize 

      Baaske, Ben; Warden, Robert (2020-03-03)
      Digital documentation of structures continued at Tz’unun with a brief operation at Birds of Paradise – North. The bulk of the data collected during the field season occurred during sessions 1-3 and focused on multi-image ...
    • Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035 

      Arjona, Ben; Gonzalez, Julian; Barrios, Charlie; Elliff, Denise; Fonseca, Teresa; Garcia, Emanuel; Gonzalez, Virgil; Ramirez, Ronaldo; Trevino, Priscilano; Vela, Eduardo; Wolf, Kay; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Fard, Atrin Khodadadi; Gu, Donghwan; Page, Hilary; Yesenia, Suchil; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Thomas, Madison (Texas A&M University, 2015-08)
      Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan 2035 provides a guide for the future growth of the city. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities in partnership with the City of Hidalgo.
    • Investigating vernacular design at the Treviño-Uribe Rancho complex in San Ygnacio, Texas. Poster presented at the 2020 Virtual Conference of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, May 9, 2020 

      Glowacki, Kevin T.; Billingsley, Andrew J.; Baaske, Benjamin; Briscoe, Frank; Warden, Robert; Champagne, Lonnie. (2020-05-16)
      The Jesus Treviño-Blas Maria Uribe Rancho in San Ygnacio, Texas, is an important example of a fortified home from the Spanish Colonial and Mexican periods of settlement along the Rio Grande River. Originally constructed ...
    • Jonestown Transportation Plan 

      Boreo, Andrea; Li, Wei; Wunnenbuger, Douglas; Giusti, Cecilia; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks (Texas A&M University, 2015-06)
      Mobility throughout a community ensures freedom of movement and enhances quality of life. Traffic congestion, pollution, urban sprawl, social exclusion, safety and health can decrease mobility and should be a part of a ...
    • La Grange, Texas Housing Needs Assessment 

      Byler, Scott; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Van Zandt, Shannon S.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Tedford, Emily (Texas A&M University, 2015-06)
      The City of La Grange has been experiencing growth at a higher rate than expected in the City’s comprehensive plan. Due to this, the City is nearing build out capacity and housing has become limited. Local real estate agents ...
    • Nolanville Comprehensive Plan 2015-2030 

      Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Van Zandt, Shannon S.; Joh, Ken; Mickelson, Kimberley; Beck, Adam G.; Boero, Andrea; Demarie, Fabiana; Finley, Tyree; Gu, Donghwan; Kirimli, Ridvan; Lee, Ryun Jung; Thomas, Madison; Wallick, Andrew; Nelson, Elizabeth; Zhang, Yue; Chen, Xi; Barbour, Katie; Melton, Phillip; Richardson, Jennifer; Oliveira, Thiago; Page, Hilary (Texas A&M University, 2015-11)
      In the fall 2014, the City of Nolanville and Texas Target Communities partnered to create a planning task force to represent the community. The task force was integral to the planning process, contributing the thoughts, ...
    • South College District Redevelopment Plan, Bryan, TX 

      Hwang, Jinuk; McCharen, Rob; Abou Shakra, Vera; Meng, Yi; Terry, Ryan; Prelog, Rachel; Nira, Richard; Chen, XI; Lee, Kanghyun; Reja, Md Yousuf; Aldalbahi, Faisal; Gao, Fan; Simcic, Lauren; Hamidah, Nur; Rojas, Ricardo J. Maga; Jiang, Ying; Perkes, Scott; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Oliveira, Thiago; Deng, Sitong; Cousins, Tiffany; English, Jeffrey; Page, Hilary; Raza, Fathima; Xiao, Dong (Texas A&M University, 2015)
      Along with the growth of Texas A&M University and its expansion toward Texas Avenue, TX6, and University Avenue, South College Avenue has lost much of its glory as a destination point. The district has been mainly developed ...
    • Vulnerability Assessment for Hood County, TX 

      Aldalbahi, Faisal; Cousins, Tiffany; Franks, Kristie; Hamidah, Nur; Herring, Kalen; Kirimli, Ridvan; Rojas, Ricardo J. Maga; McCharen, Robert; Paiz-Tabash, William; Phillips, Ellen; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Wallick, Andrew; Yan, Wenqian; Zhang, Yixun (Texas A&M University, 2015-04)
      Looking forward, we mapped the 100-year and 500-year floodplains in the County. A 100-year floodplain indicates areas that have a 1% chance each year of flooding. The majority of the floodplain follows the Brazos River, ...