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  • The design and evaluation of three advanced daylighting systems: Light shelves, light pipes and skylights 

    Beltran, Liliana; Lee, Eleanor; Papamichael, Konstantinos; Selkowitz, Stephen (American Solar Energy Society, 1994-06)
    We present results from the design and evaluation of three advanced daylighting systems: a light shelf, a light pipe, and a skylight. These systems use optical films and an optimized geometry to passively intercept and ...
  • Energy and Daylight Performance of Angular Selective Glazings 

    Sullivan, Robert; Beltran, Liliana; Lee, Eleanor; Rubin, Michael; Selkowitz, Stephen (ASHRAE, 1998-12)
    This paper presents the results of a study investigating the energy and daylight performance of anisotropic angular selective glazings. The DOE-2.1E energy simulation program was used to determine the annual cooling, ...
  • Learning Disabilities in Costa Rica: Challenges for an "Army of Teachers" 

    Stough, Laura M.; Aguirre-Roy, Ana Ruth (1997-09)
    Special education services in Costa Rica, Central America, have been affected by factors that most developing countries confront: shortages of trained personnel, the geographic isolation of a large sector of the population, ...
  • The Largest GIS Day: How a 3-Hour Booth turned into a 3-Day Event 

    Laddusaw, Sierra; Smith, Cecilia; Arant-Kaspar, Wendi; Goldberg, Daniel (2017-06-22)
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) research and education are increasingly supported and promoted by academic libraries. GIS Day, an annual event celebrating GIS technologies and applications, provides an excellent ...
  • Worlds imagined: the Maps of Imaginary Places Collection 

    Brett, Jeremy; Laddusaw, Sierra (Texas A&M University Libraries, 2017)
    Catalog of an exhibit held in the Cushing Memorial Library & Archives at Texas A&M University, February 10-October 10, 2017.

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