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  • Effect of kinetic façades on energy efficiency in office buildings - hot dry climates 

    bacha, Cherif Ben; Bourbia, F (11th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, 2016-10-11)
    In hot dry climates excess solar gain may result in high cooling energy consumption and indoor discomfort; sun control and shading devices is an important aspect of many energy-efficient building design strategies. Advanced ...
  • Analysis and quantification of visual glare caused by photovoltaic panels installations in urban canyons 

    Labib, Rania; JC, Baltazar (11th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, 2016-10-11)
    The abundant use of solar panels in dense urban areas is causing severe visual discomfort because of the reflection of sunlight falling on their surfaces. These intense reflections can cause a disabling glare, which impairs ...
  • Thieves in the night: Elephant crop-raiding in Botswana 

    Buchholtz, Erin (Applied Biodiversity Science Program, 2016-10-04)
    For my dissertation research, I am focusing on spatial and temporal patterns of elephant movement and human-elephant conflict. I am taking advantage of technology such as GPS collars, GIS modeling, and applications of ...
  • Partnership, perception, poaching 

    Clifton, Kyle (Applied Biodiversity Science Program, 2016-10-04)
    The aim of my study is to determine the effectiveness of private nature reserve partnership programs at addressing development priorities in communities and alleviating conflict between private reserves and nearby communities ...
  • A century of conservation genetics: Comparative study on the African lion 

    Curry, Caitlin (Applied Biodiversity Science Program, 2016-10-04)
    My study, being conducted at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences under the supervision of Dr. James Derr, is taking an innovative approach to African lion conservation. Rather than comparing ...

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