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    • Balancing Forage Demand with Forage Supply 

      Troxel, Tom R.; White, Larry D. (1995-09-25)
      Ranchers must achieve a balance between stocking rate and forage supply for effective conversion of range forage to animal production. This publication can help ranchers evaluate current forage conditions, make timely ...
    • Balancing Forage Demand with Forage Supply (Spanish) 

      White, Larry D.; Troxel, Tom R. (2001-09-10)
      Ranchers must achieve a balance between stocking rate and forage supply for effective conversion of range forage to animal production. This publication can help ranchers evaluate current forage conditions, make timely ...
    • Cows in a Pasture 

      Morgan , Beth Media Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine
    • Determinants of grazed forage voluntary intake in cattle 

      Lascano, Carlos E. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1979)
      The relationship of voluntary intake of grazed forage with digestibility, gastro-intestinal fill, turnover of undigested residues and rates of degradation and passage of forage particles was studied in 1977 and 1978 by ...
    • Determining rangeland brush canopy densities with Landsat MSS data 

      Boyd, William Edwar (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1984)
      Landsat multispectral scanner digital data was evaluated for use in determining brush canopy densities. A Landsat digital data simulation model was utilized to determine vegetation index sensitivity to changes in brush ...
    • Diet selection and voluntary forage intake by cattle, sheep, and goats grazing in different combinations 

      Rector, Barron Scot (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1983)
      Reciprocal influences of plants and animals were investigated in a study conducted in 1979 and 1980 by varying the ratio of cattle, sheep, and goats in five pasture grazing populations. Diet selection, voluntary forage ...
    • Dietary selection by cattle as influenced by stocking rates in a short-duration grazing system 

      Araujo, Maria Ribeiro (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1985)
      A model was developed in an attempt to predict the selection ratio of little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) and brownseed paspalum (Paspalum plicatulum) in a simulated short-duration grazing system stocked at four ...
    • Do You Have Enough Forage? 

      White, Larry D. (1999-02-12)
      To limit the impact of a forage crisis, a rancher must be able to recognize forage shortfalls and make timely decisions for the good of the livestock and the enterprise. This publication discusses strategies that help ...
    • Economic implications of pollution control on Texas rangeland 

      Barnaby, Glenn Arthur (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1981)
      Overgrazing rangeland increases soil erosion, thus reducing its livestock carrying capacity. This study focused on the possible effects of Section 208 of P.L. 92-500 created by Congress to control soil sediment losses on ...
    • The effect of grazing systems on cattle behavior 

      Walker, John Withers (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1988)
      Research was conducted on the effects of rotational grazing (RG) compared to continuous grazing (OS) on the behavior of cattle grazing on rangelands. Different livestock densities in the RG treatments were created by varying ...
    • Forage intake of cattle as affected by stocking pressure 

      Allison, Christopher Dale (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1978)
      A series of trials was conducted in April, July, and September, 1977 to examine the effect of level of stocking pressure on organic matter intake and on the botanical and chemical composition of cattle diets. Levels of ...
    • Forage Quality and Quantity in Texas: Managing Nutrition in Range Beef Cattle 

      Lyons, Robert K.; Machen, Richard V.; Stuth, Jerry W. (2002-09-23)
      This publication provides beef producers with information on managing a nutrition program for range beef cattle. It discusses forage needs, body condition, crude protein and digestibiity of forage in the various areas of ...
    • Forage Quality Photo Guide 

      Lyons, Robert K.; Machen, Richard V.; Stuth, Jerry W. (2000-08-18)
      The relationship between forage quality and the physical appearance of feces of grazing cattle is explained. Four photographs provide a quick and easy visual reference for evaluating the diet quality of grazing beef cattle.
    • Grazing and Browsing: How Plants are Affected 

      Lyons, Robert K.; Hanselka, C. Wayne (2001-12-13)
      Grazing and browsing can have a neutral, positive or negative effect on rangeland plants. This publication explains the effects of grazing and browsing on plants, details the indicators of overuse of the range, and lists ...
    • Grazing Impact on Brood Parasitism 

      Locatelli, Anthony (2014-04-16)
      Anthropogenic land use changes can have tremendous direct and indirect effects on biota. A prevalent land use change in Texas is conversion of land to grazing. Grazing facilitates foraging opportunities for brown-headed ...
    • Grazing Systems for Profitable Ranching 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne; Ragsdale, Bobby; Rector, Barron S. (2000-05-03)
      Grazing management is essential to a successful ranching enterprise. Ranchers have several options, including continuous grazing, deferred rotation systems, and short duration grazing. Details about each system are included.
    • Herbage dynamics and nitrogen cycling in two rangeland ecosystems on the Edwards Plateau, Texas 

      George, James Floyd (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1977)
      This study was conducted on the Sonora Research Station near Sonora, Texas, in the southwestern portion of the Edwards Plateau. The objective of the study was to determine the effects of two long-term grazing systems on ...
    • How Much Forage Do You Have? 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne; McGinty, Allan (2006-06-21)
      Because forage production is not predictable, forage surveys should be conducted to estimate how long the accumulated forage supply will last during expected non-growth periods. This publication details the steps involved ...
    • Hydrologic consequences of intensive rotation grazing 

      Warren, Steven D. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1985)
      A four-part study was conducted at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 56 km southwest of Sonora, Texas on the Edwards Plateau. The objective of the study was to provide a greater understanding of the hydrologic ...
    • Hydrologic interrelationships with vegetation and soil as affected by selected livestock grazing systems and climate on the Edwards Plateau 

      Thurow, Thomas L. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1985)
      The effects of grazing systems and climate on rangeland hydrology, soil and vegetation were assessed over a six year period at the Texas Agricultural Research Station, located 56 km southwest of Sonora on the Edwards ...