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    • Navasota Neighborhood Day 

      Texas Target Communitites (Texas A&M University, 2014)
      The vision for Navasota Neighborhood Day included a combination tactics and after providing a broad overview, students asked meeting participants to split into smaller breakout groups to discuss the specifics.
    • Navasota State of the City & Supplemental Reports 

      Caraballo, Stephany; Coleman, Alex; Hyde, Allison; Shelnutt, Andrew; Dai, Boya; Espinoza, Carlos; Lazaro, Christopher; Han, Dondjin; Medina, Izel; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Su, Jin; Crosby, Kevin; Sengupta, Koly; Chen, Long; Cutaia, Louis; Lopez, Michael; Martin, Michael; Barrios, Nair; Lin, Rosie; Tan, Shuman; Tang, Taoi; Tran, Tho; Hansen, Todd; Peackock, Walter M; Bright, Elise (Texas A&M University, 2013)
      In total, over the years, eleven courses have worked in the city of Navasota. These plans have assessed the conditions of the city and have made recommendations for economic growth, downtown revitalization, land use ...
    • Neighborhood Detox: Enhancing Resilience in a Hazard Vulnerable Area 

      Newman, Galen; Wang, Yangdi; Li, Qiushuo; Berke, Phil; Masterson, Jamie; Cooper, John T.; Lee, Ryun Jung (2016-11-28)
      Enhancing resilience in physically vulnerable areas and amongst socially vulnerable populations is most effective with participation from the local community. Engaging population groups who are often left out of the ...
    • Nolanville Comprehensive Plan 2015-2030 

      Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Van Zandt, Shannon S.; Joh, Ken; Mickelson, Kimberley; Beck, Adam G.; Boero, Andrea; Demarie, Fabiana; Finley, Tyree; Gu, Donghwan; Kirimli, Ridvan; Lee, Ryun Jung; Thomas, Madison; Wallick, Andrew; Nelson, Elizabeth; Zhang, Yue; Chen, Xi; Barbour, Katie; Melton, Phillip; Richardson, Jennifer; Oliveira, Thiago; Page, Hilary (Texas A&M University, 2015-11)
      In the fall 2014, the City of Nolanville and Texas Target Communities partnered to create a planning task force to represent the community. The task force was integral to the planning process, contributing the thoughts, ...
    • Nolanville Comprehensive Plan 2021-2041 

      Cooper, John; Jaimie, Masterson; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Peacock, Walter; Bologan, Anatol; Hu, Ben; Lee, Chanam; Chaspari, Theodora; Li, Wei; Park, Amaryllis; Calvesbert, Tyrene; Zhong, Haotian; Usman, Muhammad; Yang, Lei; Lee, Aaron; Ankit, Garg; Adebiyi, Ifeoluwa; Alvarez, Regina; Ananthanarayn, Aashish; Andrews, Allison; Aykroyd, Geoffrey; Arenas, Alberto; Baczewski, Katarzyna; Bhagavatula, Sashareek; Bolton, Trevor; Brandt, Alexis; Budihardjo, Thomas; Calabrese, Andrew; Castro, Gerardo; Chambers, Arthur; Chanona, Mario; Chapman, Molly; Chaparro, Angelica; Chen, Changning; Coleman, Kile; Cooper, Anna; Corona, Olivia; Davila, Chris; Dedear, Nathan; Diklich, Alexandra; Douglas, Daniel; Ergo, Beringer; Espinoza, Elizabeth; Ferrell, Blair; Finley, Michael; Fletcher, Megan; Gabay, Benjamin; Garcia, Gerardo; Garza, John; Gooden, Hannah; Harris, Madison; Hay, Samantha; He, Monica; Hefner, Hallie; Henning, Abby; Hernandez, Adriana; Hernandez, Charly; Hornick, Elizabeth; Ideozu, Amy; Jeffrey, Cole; Jimenez, Malinali; Johnson, Lillian; Juarez, Alexandra; Kim, Janghwan; Knez, Jack; Kolupski, Paige; Leu, Jasmine; Liao, Wan-Yu; Lopez, Leo; Lowry, Dylan; Macias, Steven; Marquette, Jeremy; Martin, Hunter; Martinez, Edgar; McAffe, Joshua; McClellen, Clint; Mehralizadeh, Daniel; Meier, Andrea; Mendriatta, Mannan; Mondey, Eric; Monsivaiz, Cameron; Morris, Walter; Mycio Spring, Gabriel; Nauman, Muhammad; Nguyen, Kim; Ordner, Drew; Pandian, Siddarth; Parish, Jamar; Parker, Jack; Parks, Allison; Poldervaart, Shane; Price Turzillo, Michael; Prugh, Seth; Prybutok, Sara; Purwoko, Jason; Ramaswamy, Maitreyi; Raub, Kayla; Riccione, Marc; Rico-Hernandez, Milton; Rine, Grayson; Rodriguez, Carlos; Salazar, Augustine; Segovia, Grecia; Serrato, Israel; Schulze, Lauren; Sikes, Andrew; Shi, Yu; Southard, Andrew; Stehling, Anna; Steinhauser, Scott; Stephenson, Cleveland; Sundar, Siddarth; Swaminathan, Sacheth; Tavu, Tien; Toriz, Jorge; Trejo, Daniel; Trejo, William; Valenzuela, Nancy; Wallace, Anders; Wang, Haoning; Wavra, Madison; Wilson, Alyssa; Wooten, Rachel; Yang, Heoyue; Zho, Warren; Birdsong, Louis; Bui, Thu; Bush, Megan; Copeland, Cayce; Cote, Kendall; Cruz, Johan; Davis, Michelle; Diaz, Catalino; Ellegood, Emory; Gonzalez, Ismael; Huffman, Logan; Kao, Lillian; Kelly, Phillip; Kwiatkowski, Antoni; Lagunes, Mayda; Larkam, Matthew; Luna, Veronica; Luo, Eldon; Marsh, Charles; Martinez, Damaris; Nash, Amanda; Olivares, Maurico; Peraza, Raul; Perkins, Blaine; Randolph, Lauren; Sanders, Bailey; Santana Rodriguez, Jorge; Schaefer, Clifford; Somerville, Natalie; Valkovich, Shannon; Yoon, Euntaek; Zhong, Sinan; Patton, Madeline; Katare, Anjali; Brossett, Madison; Chunga Pizarro, Carlo; Hayes, Stephen; Manoj, Nancy (2021-03-29)
      Nearly five years after the completion of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, TxTC partnered with the City of Nolanville again in 2019 with the ENDEAVR project. ENDEAVR (Envisioning the Neo-traditional Development by Embracing ...
    • North Lufkin Neighborhood Master Plan & Community Center 

      Zhu, Rui; Zhou, Weiyi; Xu, Xin; Lee, Chamam; Hurst, Kenneth; Ren, Dingding (Texas A&M University, 2018-09-10)
      In 2018, Texas Target Communities worked with Impact Lufkin to rethink a 170-acres former Lufkin Country Club to create a master-planned community. Building on the appreciative inquiry conducted by Stephen F. Austin State ...
    • North Lufkin Neighborhood - Community Centric Design 

      Monroe, Brandon (2017-05)
      Texas Target Communities worked with the T.T.L. Temple Foundation and non-profit organization, Impact Lufkin, to design a community center space where residents could have access to resources they needed and a place to ...
    • Nueces River Recreation and Ecological Restoration Project 

      Zhang, Yue (Texas A&M University, 2020)
      Nueces River Park site is located in Real County on a County property of 4.9 acres, next to the Nueces River. The community partners envision a safer and beautiful park to be developed that can serve multiple ecological ...
    • Presidio County State of the Community Reprort 

      Xiao, Dong; Hwang, Jinuk; McCharen, Rob (Texas A&M, 2015)
      Presidio County, Texas is nestled in far west Texas (Trans-Pecos) next to Big Bend National Park. This county presented a unique challenge due to the limited amount of information available to the general public. Request ...
    • Richwood State of the Community 2010 

      Lasley, Paul; Cooper, Brad; Lasley, Phil; Key, Lindsay; Chen, Xi; Oomsen, Thomas (Texas A&M University, 2010)
      Three courses developed the plan, assessing current conditions of all community components, including, demographics, infrastructure and transportation, land use development, facilities management, environmental conditions ...
    • Salado Texas Master Plan Booklet 

      Blount, Clayton; Kuehner, Courtney; Wells, Jane; Kidwall, Logan; Hajovsky, Tamara; Williams, Ashton; Mendez, Kristal; Mikulik, Blaine; Perez, Andrew; Toungate, Andrew; Finch, Amelia; Patek, Marie; Stein, Kaitlin; Tabuena, Trevor; Jayroe, Hunter; Wood, Bryce; Anderson, Christina; Herrmann, Taylor; Garcia, Yamile; Perales, Erica; Kabalin, Erika; Rojas, Annamarya; Christman, Erik; McCreary, Michelle; Spaulding, Kim; Parsons, Stephen (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Sommerville, We're right on Track 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University, 2000)
      hree courses were devoted to the development of the comprehensive plan--a compilation of future land use, transportation and infrastructure, parks and recreation, housing, community facilities, and environmental resources. State ...
    • South College District Redevelopment Plan, Bryan, TX 

      Hwang, Jinuk; McCharen, Rob; Abou Shakra, Vera; Meng, Yi; Terry, Ryan; Prelog, Rachel; Nira, Richard; Chen, XI; Lee, Kanghyun; Reja, Md Yousuf; Aldalbahi, Faisal; Gao, Fan; Simcic, Lauren; Hamidah, Nur; Rojas, Ricardo J. Maga; Jiang, Ying; Perkes, Scott; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Oliveira, Thiago; Deng, Sitong; Cousins, Tiffany; English, Jeffrey; Page, Hilary; Raza, Fathima; Xiao, Dong (Texas A&M University, 2015)
      Along with the growth of Texas A&M University and its expansion toward Texas Avenue, TX6, and University Avenue, South College Avenue has lost much of its glory as a destination point. The district has been mainly developed ...
    • Southeast Texas Hike and Bike Plan 2037 

      Cooper, John; Masterson, Jaimie H.; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Eisele, Bill; Andreotti, Andie; Dixit, Pranjal; Musharrat, Saima; Ruan, Xinhe; Zahra, Qazi Aniqua; Yi, Siqing (2019-02-20)
      The planning document presents a plan for the Jefferson-Orange-Hardin three-county region to act as a roadmap for augmenting the current auotomobile oriented transportation system with new bicycle facilities as an alternative ...
    • Thoroughfare Plan Tyler County, Texas 

      Cooper, John; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Eisele, Bill; English, Garrett; Singh, Gargi; Praneeth, Sai; Kartikeya, Jha; Chen, Qikun (Texas A&M University, 2017-04-24)
      This thoroughfare plan is a long-term plan that identifies both the location and type of roadway facilities to meet the needs of projected growth within the county. The growth includes population, economy, and other factors ...
    • Traditions Plaza Conceptual Design 

      Gonzalez, Cristian; Ramirez-Avila, Rubi; Randolph, Lauren; Molina, Daniel; Hammond, Phillip; Soh, Iris; Meza, Leticia; Presely, Laura; Gonzalez, Kourtney; Yanez, Francisca; Zhu, Dennis; Gaughan, Claire; Pool, Claudia; Steen, Kevin; Ruiz, Laura; Sanchez, Maritza; Morkovsky, Molly; Parker, Alaina; Valdez, Joseph; Hugo-Duron, Victor; Kerr, Shawn; Ngo, Vanessa; Reid, Russell; Teal, Mike; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks (2016-05-12)
      The Class of '69 worked with one landscape architecture course to develop a redesign of a plaza on campus to focus attention to the Aggie traditions of muster and silver taps.
    • Troy, Texas Comprehensive Plan 

      Cross, Jeremy; Shankar, Preeti; Shen, Jian; Wade, Heather; Bright, Elise (Texas A&M University, 2011)
      Three courses assessed past, current, and future conditions related to environmental components, demographic make-up, land use development opportunities, transportation and infrastructure analyses and facilities management.
    • Tyler County and City of Ivanhoe State of Community Report 

      Texas Target Communities (Texas A&M University, 2016-09-16)
      The State of Community Report compiles information and data from a wide variety of sources to gain a clearer understanding of current conditions in Tyler County and the City of Ivanhoe. Tyler County’s rural, small-town ...
    • Tyler County Development Strategies 

      Cooper, John; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Falleta, Donna; Mason, Elliot; Jones, Jamie; Lacambra, Jess; Novosad, Joey; Patton, Justin; Graham, Madison; Moore, Madison; Vickroy, Samantha; Langford, Thomas; Rodriguez, Treston (Texas A&M University, 2016-09-16)
      Tyler County Development Strategy document assesses some strategies for the future growth of the county by focusing on the asset of the community. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities in partnership ...
    • Vulnerability Assessment for Hood County, TX 

      Aldalbahi, Faisal; Cousins, Tiffany; Franks, Kristie; Hamidah, Nur; Herring, Kalen; Kirimli, Ridvan; Rojas, Ricardo J. Maga; McCharen, Robert; Paiz-Tabash, William; Phillips, Ellen; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Wallick, Andrew; Yan, Wenqian; Zhang, Yixun (Texas A&M University, 2015-04)
      Looking forward, we mapped the 100-year and 500-year floodplains in the County. A 100-year floodplain indicates areas that have a 1% chance each year of flooding. The majority of the floodplain follows the Brazos River, ...