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  • A social computing solution to disaster relief 

    Yang, Yang (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 2019-05)
    Disaster relief has chronically been a major issue, and various solutions have been presented, attempting to provide the best relief. Currently, disaster rescue teams are facing the problem of lack of valid information at ...
  • Incorporating haptic features into physics-based simulation 

    Zhao, Rukai (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 2019-05)
    In our graphic lab, we have developed many physics-based animations focusing on muscles and we hope to create an interactive interface with tactile feedback so that the users can not only see those physical features but ...
  • Comparing the performance of different quantum error correcting codes 

    Pickett, Marshall B. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 2019-05)
    This thesis discussess Quantum Error Correction and why it is essential for the development of quantum computation. The introduction will cover the basics of quantum computing and classical error correction. In the second ...
  • Performance Study of Graph Convolutional Networks for Medical Prediction-Based Networks 

    D'Antonio, Benjamin (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 2019-05)
    Predicting the effects of Polypharmacy is a difficult task, and a great amount of money is spent annually remedying the effects of negative drug interactions arising from Polypharmacy. However, Machine Learning can be used ...
  • Lectures on Applied Mathematics Part 1: Linear Algebra 

    Bowen, Ray M. (2017-01-26)
    Chap. 1: Elementary Matrix Theory; Chap. 2: Vector Spaces; Chap. 3: Linear Transformations; Chap. 4: Vector Spaces with Inner Product; Chap. 5: Eigenvalue Problems; Chap. 6: Additional Topics Relating to Eigenvalue Problems
  • Quantifying the effect of land use and land cover changes on green water and blue water in northern part of China 

    Liu, X.; Ren, L.; Yuan, F.; Singh, V. P.; Fang, X.; Yu, Z.; Zhang, W. (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2009-06-12)
    Changes in land use and land cover (LULC) have been occurring at an accelerated pace in northern parts of China. These changes are significantly impacting the hydrology of these parts, such as Laohahe Catchment. The ...
  • A fractional dispersion model for overland solute transport 

    Deng, Zhi-Qiang; de Lima, M. Isabel P.; Singh, Vijay P.; de Lima, Jo?�o L. M. P. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-03-18)
    Using the kinematic-wave overland flow equation and a fractional dispersion-advection equation, a process-oriented, physically-based model is developed for overland solute transport. Two scenarios, one consisting of downslope ...
  • Kinematic wave model for transient bed profiles in alluvial channels under nonequilibrium conditions 

    Tayfur, Gokmen; Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-12-27)
    Transient bed profiles in alluvial channels are generally modeled using diffusion (or dynamic) waves and assuming equilibrium between detachment and deposition rates. Equilibrium sediment transport can be considerably ...
  • Hybrid fuzzy and optimal modeling for water quality evaluation 

    Wang, Dong; Singh, Vijay P.; Zhu, Yuansheng (American Geological Union, 2007-05-08)
    Water quality evaluation entails both randomness and fuzziness. Two hybrid models are developed, based on the principle of maximum entropy (POME) and engineering fuzzy set theory (EFST). Generalized weighted distances are ...
  • Kinematic wave model of bed profiles in alluvial channels 

    Tayfur, Gokmen; Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-06-21)
    A mathematical model, based on the kinematic wave (KW) theory, is developed for describing the evolution and movement of bed profiles in alluvial channels. The model employs a functional relation between sediment transport ...
  • Downstream hydraulic geometry relations: 2. Calibration and testing 

    Singh, Vijay P.; Yang, Chih Ted; Deng, Zhi-Qiang (American Geophysical Union, 2003-12-04)
    Using 456 data sets under bank-full conditions obtained from various sources, the geometric relations, derived in part 1 [ Singh et al., 2003 ], are calibrated and verified using the split sampling approach. The calibration ...
  • Downstream hydraulic geometry relations: 1. Theoretical development 

    Singh, Vijay P.; Yang, Chih Ted; Deng, Z. Q. (American Geophysical Union, 2003-12-04)
    In this study, it is hypothesized that (1) the spatial variation of the stream power of a channel for a given discharge is accomplished by the spatial variation in channel form (flow depth and channel width) and hydraulic ...
  • Solute transport under steady and transient conditions in biodegraded municipal solid waste 

    Bendz, David; Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 1999-08)
    The transport of a conservative tracer (lithium) in a large (3.5 m3) undisturbed municipal solid waste sample has been investigated under steady and fully transient conditions using a simple model. The model comprises a ...
  • Kinematic wave model for water movement in municipal solid waste 

    Bendz, David; Singh, Vijay P.; Rosqvist, H?�kan; Bengtsson, Lars (American Geophysical Union, 1998-11)
    The movement of water in a large (3.5 m3) undisturbed sample of 22-year-old municipal solid waste has been modeled using a kinematic wave approximation for unsaturated infiltration and internal drainage. The model employs ...
  • An entropy-based morphological analysis of river basin networks 

    Fiorentino, Mauro; Claps, Pierluigi; Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 1993-04)
    Under the assumption that the only information available on a drainage basin is its mean elevation, the connection between entropy and potential energy is explored to analyze drainage basins morphological characteristics. ...
  • A stochastic model for sediment yield using the Principle of Maximum Entropy 

    Singh, V. P.; Krstanovic, P. F. (American Geophysical Union, 1987-05)
    The principle of maximum entropy was applied to derive a stochastic model for sediment yield from upland watersheds. By maximizing the conditional entropy subject to certain constraints, a probability distribution of ...
  • A kinematic model for surface irrigation: Verification by experimental data 

    Singh, Vijay P.; Ram, Rama S. (American Geophysical Union, 1983-12)
    A kinematic model for surface irrigation is verified by experimental data obtained for 31 borders. These borders are of varied characteristics. Calculated values of advance times, water surface profiles when water reaches ...
  • A kinematic model for surface irrigation: An extension 

    Sherman, Bernard; Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 1982-06)
    The kinematic model for surface irrigation, reported previously by Sherman and Singh (1978), is extended. Depending upon the duration of irrigation and time variability of infiltration, three cases are distinguished. ...
  • A distributed converging overland flow model: 3. Application to Natural Watersheds 

    Singh, Vijay P. (American Geophysical Union, 1976-10)
    The proposed distributed converging overland flow model is utilized to predict surface runoff from three natural agricultural watersheds. The Lax-Wendroff scheme is used to obtain numerical solutions. For determination of ...

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