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Recent Submissions

  • Ho, Jeannette; Stokes, Charity Kay (2019-09-24)
    Presentation introducing metadata guidelines for subject librarians and curators at Texas A&M University Libraries.
  • Ho, Jeannette; Stokes, Charity Kay (2019-05-16)
    These guidelines were written to help TAMU partners create high quality metadata for digital collections deposited in the repository at TAMU Libraries. The goal is to ensure an acceptable level of consistency and completeness ...
  • Stokes, Charity Kay; Ho, Jeannette (2018-05-31)
    In December 2017, the Repository and Metadata team were given a two part charge. 1. Reviewing the Charge which includes • Putting schemas, standards and workflows into place in order to ensure interoperability and ...
  • Stokes, Charity Kay; Lowe, David B.; Lee, Dong Joon; Ho, Jeannette; Chubaryan, Tatyana; Creel, James Silas (2018-12-03)
    In early 2018, the DAMEid group requested that Cataloging and Metadata unit examine the metadata needs for the DAME. When analyzing metadata needs in both OAKTrust and Fedora, it became clear that the lack of name authority ...