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The Charles Blaschke Education Technology Archive holds the collected business and personal research papers of Mr. Charles Blaschke (1941-2018). Mr. Blaschke was the President and Founder of Education Turnkey Systems, Inc. (TURNKEY). He had a long and respected career spent analyzing, researching, and advising others about education policy and education technology; including helping to draft the very first Title I legislation. Starting in 1969, TURNKEY offered data and analysis about federal funding and related policies and K-12 technology spending, including Title I and IDEA, to education firms and agencies.

Mr. Blaschke gave his papers to the Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics, and Public Policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service to provide researchers with rare, historical documentation on the evolution of federal education technology policy and financial support. The collection covers a period of extraordinary change in technology and its applications in education. Among the documents are a number of reports and articles written by Mr. Blaschke and eighteen years (2000-2017) of the company’s Technology Monitoring Information Service (TechMIS) subscription newsletters. Not all items have been posted yet. More will be added as the materials are reviewed and we secure permission to include previously published material.

All items included in this collection are for non-commercial educational and research purposes. Users should consider copyright law before making any other kinds of uses. If you have any information or questions about the material, or if you are a copyright owner who would like to discuss an item’s presence in the repository, please contact the Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics, and Public Policy at

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