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    • McCorkle, Dean; Taylor, Timothy G.; Fairchild, Gary F.; Harris, Harold M.; Rosson, C. Parr (1999-06-23)
      As U.S. government support to agriculture declines, understanding the economic impacts of agricultural trade and how markets and competition are affected will take on added importance for farmers, agribusinesses, policy ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2008-10-28)
      Credit is a requirement for farming and ranching enterprises. Nowadays, lending institutions are requiring more and better information about enterprises before credit will be extended. This is a guide to the documentation ...
    • McCorkle, Dean; Bevers, Stan (2008-10-17)
      A business plan is a road map for success. It describes a firm's organizational structure, products and services, objectives, financial and marketing plans, strengths and weaknesses. This publication guides business owners ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-02-04)
      A cash flow statement is simply a record of the dollars coming in and the dollars going out of a business. This publication briefly discusses cash flow and gives a cash flow projection for operating loan determination.
    • Wisner, Robert; McCorkle, Dean (2000-04-07)
      Grain contracts can help farmers manage the increasing risks of production and the price volatility of the market. This publication explains grain contracts and how to use them wisely as a risk management tool.
    • McCorkle, Dean; Bevers, Stan (2009-03-02)
      SPA is a tool for determining the production and financial performance of an individual cow-calf enterprise. It allows producers to compare production systems, identify areas that need to be changed and measure progress ...
    • Bevers, Stan; McCorkle, Dean (AgriLife Extension, Texas A&M University System; Texas A&M University. Libraries, )
      Cattlemen are challenged to reduce production costs, be more competitive, and increase market share and profits. The first step to lowering the cost of production is to clearly determine the current unit cost of production ...
    • McCorkle, Dean; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-12-05)
      This publication defines many of the marketing terms producers may encounter.
    • Bevers, Stan; Waller, Mark L.; Amosson, Stephen H.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-03-02)
      Developing a good marketing plan will help you identify and quantify costs, set price goals, determine potential price outlook, examine production and price risk, and develop a strategy for marketing your crop. This ...
    • Seawright, Emily; Rister, M. Edward; Lacewell, Ronald; McCorkle, Dean; Sturdivant, Allen; Goolsby, John; Yang, Chenghai; Harris, B.L. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2009-11)
      ABSTRACT Arundo donax, or giant reed, is a large, bamboo-like plant that is native to Spain and has invaded several thousand acres of the Rio Grande riparian zone in Texas and Mexico. The plant grows to over 26 feet ...
    • McCorkle, Dean; Anderson, David P. (2009-02-04)
      This publication discussess several management functions, including organization, staffing and direction and control. Suggested activities help managers learn how to implement these functions in their farm and ranch businesses.
    • Bevers, Stan; McCorkle, Dean; Hanselka, Daniel (2009-05-01)
      People--human capital--are an important resource in making a farm or ranch business more competitive in today's business environment. This publication summarizes the ideas about modern personnel management that illustrate ...
    • McCorkle, Dean; Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-12-05)
      This publication lists and defines many financial and economic terms with which producers should be familiar.
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean; Klose, Steven (2008-10-17)
      This publication explains the differences between cash and accrual accounting and suggests how farmers and ranchers can get the best of both accounting systems. There are sample income statements and a table to illustrate ...
    • Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean; Schwart Jr., Robert B.; Jones, Rodney (1999-06-23)
      Basic Formula Price (BFP) milk futures and options can be used to hedge, or lock in, milk prices in order to manage milk price fluctuations. This publication offers information on futures contracts, basis, cash settlement ...
    • Anderson, Carl; Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; O'Brien, Daniel (1999-06-23)
      Put options are a pricing tool with considerable flexibility for managing price risk. This publication discusses some put option basics, how put options work and how to use them.
    • Fogleman, Sarah L.; Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-04-08)
      Successful managers know that recruiting and training key personnel is critical to the health of any business. This publication discusses the five steps to recruiting and selecting the best employees.
    • Fogleman, Sarah L.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-04-08)
      Employee compensation is important to successful employee recruitment, retention, motivation, performance, feedback and satisfaction. This publication explains the many alternatives employers have for creating compensation ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-06-01)
      Equipment leasing has gained favor with farmers and ranchers in recent years. This publication discusses how to determine lease cost and analyzes lease vs. purchase options. An example of such an analysis is included.
    • Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; Outlaw, Joe (2000-11-08)
      Enterprise budgets can help farmers and ranchers make better decisions about what products to produce and how to produce them economically. This publication tells how to create and use enterprise budgets and includes an example.