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    • Managing Your Farm and Ranch Operation 

      Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean; Schwart Jr., Robert B.; Tomaszewski, Michael A.; DeLano, Fred D. (1999-09-21)
      A good manager invests time in careful planning, which includes developing a vision and a mission statement to guide the business enterprise. This publications discusses management of finances, people, equipment and land ...
    • Niche Marketing 

      McCorkle, Dean; Anderson, David P. (2009-05-01)
      Niche markets are small, specialized markets for goods or services. Agricultural producers have many opportunities for niche marketing, and this strategy can contribute to the profitability of a firm. Examples of niche ...
    • Post-Harvest Marketing Alternatives 

      McCorkle, Dean; Welch, Mark (2009-02-04)
      The marketing time frame for crops can be divided into three parts--pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest. This publication focuses on the more common post-harvest marketing strategies using forward contracts, storage, ...
    • Selecting and Working with a Broker 

      Waller, Mark L.; McCorkle, Dean; Welch, Mark (2008-10-17)
      Producers who wish to trade futures or options contracts will need to work with a broker. These tips can help in selecting a broker and in forging a good working relationship.
    • Three Essays on Economic Evaluation of Health Intervention Programs and Health Policy 

      Li, Yajuan (2016-07-26)
      This dissertation is mainly focusing on an economic evaluation of a childhood obesity intervention program, after school physical activities and a nationwide social health care program. The analysis is conducted within ...
    • U.S. Agriculture and International Trade 

      McCorkle, Dean; Benson, Geoffrey A.; Marchant, Mary; Rosson, C. Parr (1999-06-23)
      International markets are important for many U.S. farm products and greatly affect U.S. agriculture. This publication discusses the causes of import change, the export product mix, major markets, and markets of the future.
    • Using Options to Hedge Farm and Ranch Inputs 

      Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean; Schwart Jr., Robert B.; O'Brien, Daniel (1999-09-29)
      A call option is a pricing tool that helps producers manage the price risks associated with farm and ranch inputs. This publication offers a thorough explanation of the way call options work. It includes various strategies ...
    • The Window Strategy with Options 

      McCorkle, Dean; Amosson, Stephen H.; Fausett, Marvin (1999-06-23)
      The window strategy is one of several marketing strategies using futures and options to establish a floor price and allow for upside price potential. It also reduces option premium costs. This publication discusses how the ...