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    • Semon, D. R.; Allen, MC; Dejbakhsh, H.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Hale, SE; Jiang, J.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E.; Yennello, SJ; Xu, HM; Zhou, XG; Brown, BA. (American Physical Society, 1996)
      Absolute branching ratios for the beta decay of Cu-57 to excited states up to 3.3 MeV in Ni-57 have been determined, including the rho-forbidden Gamow-Teller transition to the first excited state in Ni-57. Four transitions ...
    • Evans, Lori Leigh (Texas A&M University, 1992)
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    • Multiple Contributors (DIGITAL: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 1979)
    • Multiple Contributors (DIGITAL: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 1982)
    • Unknown (Digital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; Physical: Graphic Services, Texas A&M University, 2011-08-17)
    • Unknown (Digital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; Physical: Graphic Services, Texas A&M University, 2011-08-17)
    • Unknown (Digital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; Physical: Graphic Services, Texas A&M University, 2011-08-17)
    • Guermond, Jean-Luc; Popov, Bojan (SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 2009)
    • Ward, John P. (2012-10-19)
      In approximation theory, three classical types of results are direct theorems, Bernstein inequalities, and inverse theorems. In this paper, we include results about radial basis function (RBF) approximation from all three ...
    • Corder, Catharine Leigh Inbody (2009-05-15)
      La Belle’s rigging assemblage has provided a rare and valuable source of knowledge of 17th-century rigging in general and in particular, French and small-ship rigging characteristics. With over 400 individual items including ...
    • Frick, Magdalena Capurro (Texas A&M University, 1976)
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    • Bond, Alsie; Carlson, Todd B.; Sanchez, J. Martin; Schumann, Gregory; Baker, Barton; Benthul, Bart; Biggs, John; Cervantes, Xavier; Cross, Shelia; Derkits, Janna; Gonzalez, Roberto; Head, Aric; McCoy, Michelle; Nance, Tara; Orr, Karen; Phillips, Kimberly; Schoonmaker, Scott; Sims, Stephens; Soltan, Laleh; Stevens, Thomas; Hahn, Mary; Teal, Mike; Wiruchaphan, Sani; Yang, Min-Fang; Pugh, David (Texas A&M University, 1995)
      Developed conceptual designs for the Office Park and Mercado, Bridge Street, and Coma Street. Teams evaluated current zoning ordinances and made recommendations for the future. The comprehensive plan was formulated and ...
    • Unknown author (Furia; Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 2012-03-05)
      (Color) This is a black and white photograph printed with added color. One soldier is holding the French flag while the other is on one knee, aiming a rifle. The card is unused, but pencil writing on the back reads "C. ...
    • Gonzalez-Hernandez, Miriam Mercedes (Texas A&M University, 1989)
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    • Ramirez, Anthony (2020-05-30)
      In this essay, I discuss the various fronteras (borders) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss how it has affected my hometown of El Paso, Texas.
    • Thoele, Ashleigh M.
      Spain is a place filled with a vibrant culture, from the people who pose as live art on the streets of Las Ramblas, to those who fill those same streets late at night engaging in stimulating conversation paired with a ...
    • Bock, Britany
      A natural disaster can hit anywhere and any time. When a community prepares through the use of disaster mitigation, it enables a community to be resilient in the face of adversity. Architecture can play a key role in the ...
    • Arenas, Alberto; Andreotti, Andy; Ferrell, Blair; Monsivaiz, Cameron; McCreary, Colin; Easton, Emily; Guarnere, Harley; Toriz, Jorge; Makatura, Kayla; Schulze, Lauren; Metske, Madison; Pohlmeyer, Marissa; Finley, Michael; Dedear, Nathan; Wooten, Rachel; Trust, Samantha; Florence, Stephen; Powell, Wayne; Juarez, Alex; Patricia, Angela; Kleveland, Benjamin; Chunga, Carlo; Hixson, Conner; Sullivan, Emily; Schwarz, Hunter; Semien, Joy; Ferrell, Kirbie; Lopez, Leo; Wavra, Madison; Florence, Matthew; Rico, Milton; Dias, Nicole; Muhammaddi, Raquibbi; Prybutok, Sara; Kim, Sungkeun; Harris, William; Cooper, John T.; Hicks Masterson, Jaimie; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Berke, Philip; Goddard, Tara; Eisele, Bill; Reid, Russell; Teal, Mike; Bardenhagen, Eric; Parks, Allison; Chapparo, Angelica; Kozub, Bobby; Nelson, Chris; Pieratt, Connor; Perkins, Emmilea; DeLa Rosa, Ivonne; Chu, Kai; Hurta, Konnor; Brandt, Lexi; Jimenez, Malinali; Hunter, Mattie; Rainey, Monica; Tataria, Niti; Kim, Richard; Bergman, Sarah; Lucas, Timothy; Negusse, Yafet; Calabrese, Andrew; Salazar, Augustine; Garcia, Brandi; Davila, Christopher; Douglas, Daniel; Liu, Han; Rubio, Jesica; Gibbon, Kaitlin; Karmarkar, Kshitija; Arauz, Luis; Thiagaraja, Manasvini; Fletcher, Megan; Valenzuela, Nancy; Han, Noori; Kozub, Robert; Lee, Seungdong; Lanza, Tristan; Sikes, Andrew; Ochoa, Barrett; Fisher, Brett; Mcclellen, Clint; Khuat, Daniel; Kastor, Hannah; Turner, Jon; Vo, Kara; Waller, Laura; Hunter, Madelina; Harutunian, Mariam; Bish, Michael; Han, Nata; Kolupski, Paige; Hudson, Sam; Stockstill, Shelby; Retzloff, Tyler (Texas A&M University, 2018)
      La Grange Comprehensive Plan 2018 - 2038 provides a guide for the future growth of the City. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities in partnership with the City of La Grange.
    • Byler, Scott; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Van Zandt, Shannon S.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Tedford, Emily (Texas A&M University, 2015-06)
      The City of La Grange has been experiencing growth at a higher rate than expected in the City’s comprehensive plan. Due to this, the City is nearing build out capacity and housing has become limited. Local real estate agents ...
    • Loeffler, Lisa Bowe (Texas A&M University, 1984)
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