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    • Cameras in the United States Supreme Court: Judicial Transparency & the Obligation Thereof 

      Richter, Harrison Todd
      The sources utilized in this thesis each serve a particular function in relation to the theoretical framework. They are organized by the extent to which they contribute to the three dominant disciplinary approaches found ...
    • Exemplarist Virtue Ethics 

      Goin, Adam S (2015-09-29)
      In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle introduces the concept of virtue, states of character that allow an agent to perform her function well, and gives a practical account of how someone can become virtuous. I will argue ...
    • On Acting from Duty 

      Fossee, Jordan Michael (2013-09-24)
      This thesis will argue that, along with reason, emotions play a critical role in both moral and non-moral life. It is argued by Kantian moralists that a moral law can only based in reason, while Aristotelian moralists ...