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  • So Sociological Theories Grow? 

    Wagner, David G; Berger, Johnson (2015-08-15)
    The authors claim that theoretical growth is often obscured by a narrow definition of “growth,” one that emphasizes only empirical support for a unit theory. They introduce the idea of theoretical research programs, ...
  • Expectation States Theory: The Status of a Research Program 

    Berger, Joseph; Wagner, David G; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
    This technical report updates the theoretical developments and empirical research in the program since the review by Berger, Rosenholtz, and Zelditch (1980).
  • The Transfer of Status Expectations 

    Markovsky, Barry; Smith, Le Roy F; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
    The authors investigate transfer of a status intervention—introducing a specific status characteristic to reduce expectation effects of a diffuse status characteristic—across tasks and interactants. Experimental results ...
  • Indices of Hemispheric Lateralization: A Methodological Analysis 

    Mills, D J; Perlaki, K M; Barchas, P R (2015-08-15)
    The authors describe and evaluate several indices of brain hemisphere lateralization. The methods use different data, including response accuracy, reaction times, and EEG asymmetry. They describe an index- free ranking ...
  • Processing of Information Acquired at a Preconscious Level of Awareness: Instruction and Sex Effects on Hemispheric Laterality and Accuracy 

    Perlaki, Kinga M; Barchas, Patricia (2015-08-15)
    The authors investigated situations in which appropriate behavior depends on information that is not consciously processed, and they attempted to influence the brain hemisphere which is most active when using such information. ...
  • Effects of a Legitimate Authority's Justification of Inequality on the Mobilization of Revolutionary Coalitions 

    Linewebber, David; Barr-Bryan, Dorine; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
    The authors explore revolutionary coalition formation in equitable situations. They posited that actors would form such coalitions if the equitable relations were threatened. Results of an experimental test of that idea ...
  • Legitimation, Endorsement, and Compliance 

    Walker, Henry A; Thomas, George M; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
    The theoretical development distinguishes three objects of legitimation, of persons, of positions, and of actions; and three types of legitimacy, propriety, endorsement, and authorization. Propriety is normative support ...
  • Decisions, Nondecisions, and Metadecisions 

    Zelditch, Morris Jr; Harris, William; Thomas, George M; Walker, Henry A (2015-08-15)
    Political decisions at all stages, from community to country,occur only after a process of agenda setting. Nondecisions result from failing to raise an issue to the appropriate decision-making body, and occur through ...
  • Status Organizing Processes 

    Berger, Joseph; Rosenholtz, Susan J; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
    The authors review theoretical and empirical work related to the theory of status characteristics and expectation states to this date,1980.
  • Dynamics of Formal Political Structure: An Event-History Analysis 

    Hannan, Michael T; Carroll, Glenn R (2015-08-15)
    The authors apply event history analysis to records on 90 countries from 1950-1975 to test hypotheses consistent with world systems and modernization hypotheses. The hypotheses predict factors associated with political ...
  • Some Logical Consequences of the Status Characteristics Theory 

    Humphreys, Paul; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
    Humphreys, a logician,and Berger, a sociological theorist, derive five theorems from the theory in Berger et al. (1977). Some of the theorems formally account for the link of status inequality to inequality in group structure ...
  • Alternative Estimation Procedures for Event-History Analysis: A Monte Carlo Study 

    Carroll, Glenn R; Hannan, Michael T; Tuma, Nancy Brandon; Warsavage, Barbara (2015-08-15)
    The authors compare alternative procedures for estimating parameters of event-history models: ordinary least squares, Kaplan-Meier least squares, maximum likelihood, and partial likelihood. They report results of simulations ...
  • Methods for Temporal Analysis 

    Hannan, Michael T; Tuma, Nancy Brandon (2015-08-15)
    The authors review sociological literature describing different perspectives and uses of studies of change in discrete (qualitative) and quantitative outcomes. They show that, contrary to many injunctions, temporal analysis ...
  • A Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

    Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
    This bibliography is a revised and expanded version of working paper 100.
  • Models of Change in Quantitative Variables, Part I: Deterministic Models 

    Hannan, Michael T (2015-08-15)
    The author explores methodological issues in developing stochastic models for changes in quantitative variables. The general approach here is to treat observed distributions as reflecting distributions of probabilities of ...
  • Effect of Sex of Subject and Experimenter on Hemispheric Balance 

    Ford, Joan; Wilkes, Chris; Crissman, Sue; Barchas, Pat (2015-08-15)
    The authors measured alpha brain wave activity from volunteers as a function of gender of experimenter and gender of volunteer. Cross-gender combinations, especially for male volunteer—female experimenter, showed different ...
  • Constrained and Unconstrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Variance Components Model of Cross- Sections Pooled Over Time 

    Tuma, Nancy; Young, Alice A (2015-08-15)
    The authors report on simulations on the quality of parameter estimates of regression coefficients with lagged variables. Results showed that the quality of estimates varied with the amount of serial error correlation and ...
  • Quality of Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Parameters in a Log-Linear Rate Model 

    Fennell, Mary L; Tuma, Nancy Brandon; Hannan, Michael T (2015-08-15)
    The authors address four sources of indeterminacy in maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) for multivariate modeling of change using panel data: censoring, caused by changes that occur after the observation period ends; small ...
  • Organizational Task Performance in Male and Female Groups 

    McMahon, Anne M; Barchas, Patricia; Cohen, Elizabeth; Hildebrand, Poll; Fennell, Mary (2015-08-15)
    The authors analyze different ways that problem solving groups organize structurally. The argument applies to all groups but because of historical facts, all-male and all-female groups instantiate the situations described. ...
  • Threats to the Promise of Synergy in Interdisciplinary Reearch 

    Kruse, Ronald J; Anbar, Michael; Cohen, Bernard P (2015-08-15)
    The authors analyze structures and processes in multidisciplinary teams to identify factors that lead to synergistic outcomes from those that do not. They use the analysis to describe settings most likely to produce ...

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