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  • Status Conditions of Self-Evaluation 

    Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr; Anderson, Bo; Cohen, Bernard P. (2017-08-24)
    This is a revision of TR#24. It expands the discussion of conditions for stability, adding the idea of cliques that support stable self-evaluations.
  • Modes of Status Equilibration 

    Kimberly, James C.; Crosbie, Paul V.; Lehr, Eugene W. (2017-08-24)
    This is a revision of TR#23, focusing on the experimental tests.
  • Legitimacy and Collective Action 

    Thomas, George M.; Walker, Henry A.; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
    This is a revision of WP 84-4. The authors develop an explicit theoretical foundation for the common belief that legitimation is somehow important in mobilizing collective action. They distinguish validity of a rule ...
  • Strategies, Theories, and Models 

    Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (Stanford University Press, 1993)
    The authors describe unit theories, theoretical research programs, and orienting strategies, and elaborate on types of growth in theoretical research programs. This WP was published by the authors (1993).
  • Expectations, Theory, and Group Processes 

    Berger, Joseph (Social Psychology Quarterly, 1992)
    The author describes his career and the growth of the Expectation States research program. This talk was delivered when Joseph Berger received the Cooley-Mead Award from the Social Psychology Section of the American ...
  • A Revised Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

    Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
    As titled. This WP is a revision and expansion of TR#67. Berger, Wagner, and Webster (2014) provide a newer, although focused, view of the program.
  • Processing Status Information 

    Balkwell, James W.; Berger, Joseph; Webster, Murray Jr.; Nelson-Kilger, Max; Cashen, Jacqueline (JAI Press, 1992)
    The authors compare variant formulations (different from those considered in 1990-1) for predicting the processing of status information. The main competitor considered argued that highly relevant information would eliminate ...
  • Status Characteristics and Social Interaction: An Assessment of Theoretical Variants 

    Balkwell, James W. (JAI Press, 1991)
    The author compares and evaluates variant theories proposed in the literature for the processing of status information and effects of expectation states on behavior. The issue was to determine conditions under which, if ...
  • Status, Excuses, and Justifications 

    Freeman, Sabrina; Massey, Kelly; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
    The authors conducted experimental research on the acceptability of excuses (a personal account of making a procedural error) and justifications (an argument for what the violator had done) for norm violation. The actor ...
  • Participation in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Groups: A Theoretical Integration 

    Fisek, M. Hamit; Berger, Joseph; Norman, Robert Z. (The American Journal of Sociology, 1991)
    The authors define a behavior interchange pattern that can affect performance expectation states and behavior. This WP was published by the authors (1991).
  • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Priori Model Parameters and Test 

    Fisek, M. Hamit; Norman, Robert Z.; Nelson-Kilger, Max (Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 1989)
    The authors theoretically derive f(i) parameter values for use in calculating relative expectations (ep – eo) in the graph model of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states. This WP was published by the ...
  • Legitimacy and the Support of Revolutionary Coalitions 

    Walker, Henry A.; Rogers, Larry; Lyman, Katherine; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
    The authors develop a theory of conditions under which inequity will lead to attempts to change the structure. Factors affecting the likelihood of attempts include power differences, false consciousness, low self-esteem, ...
  • Introduction to a Theory of Group Structure and Information Exchange 

    Cohen, Bernard P.; Silver, Steven D. (2017-08-16)
    This theoretical paper develops a framework for relationships between group structure and information exchange. Status orders among group members are important in situations that lack well-developed practices for work and ...
  • Theoretical Structures and the Micro-Macro Problem 

    Berger, Joseph; Eyre, Dana P. (Sociological Theories in Progress: New Formulations, 1989)
    This WP was published by Berger, Eyre, and Zelditch (1989).
  • Status Processes in Permanent Work Groups 

    Cohen, Bernard P.; Hooper, Jon; Zhou, Xueguang (American Sociological Review, 1991)
    This WP was published by Cohen and Zhou (1991).
  • Expected Managerial Careers within Growing and Declining R & D Establishments 

    Shenhav, Yehouda A. (Work and Organizations, 1988)
    The author notes that many studies have used individual-level variables to predict a tendency of scientists to aspire to managerial careers, and proposes that a better understanding of such career progression would include ...
  • Expected Managerial Careers within Growing and Declining R & D Establishments 

    Shenhav, Yehouda A. (Scientometrics, 1989)
    The authors distinguish six types of productivity in different contexts and develop six corresponding scales and estimate reliability coefficients. Coefficients differ depending on context, supporting an argument that the ...
  • Interdependence, Interaction, and Productivity 

    Cohen, Bernard P.; Arechavala-Vargas, Ricardo (2017-08-16)
    Group tasks require communication, but communication can be excessive and time-wasting. The authors develop propositions group productivity and interaction. High reciprocal interdependence in teams requires high levels of ...
  • The Communication Network Structures of R & D Units 

    Arechavala-Vargas, Ricardo (2017-08-16)
    The author develops a bounded rationality model of effects of communication structures and applies it to 223 R & D teams. One main result was that structural properties of a team’s network were strongly associated with ...
  • Organization and productivity in R & D Teams: A Report of Research Findings 

    Cohen, Bernard P.; Arechavala-Vargas, Ricardo; Nobel, Darla R.; Shenhav, Yehouda A. (American Sociological Review, 1991)
    The authors report findings from 224 teams in Silicon Valley on the effects of factors on team productivity and innovativeness. The factors are of four types: interaction, team composition, team organization, and perceptions ...

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