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    • Crystalline Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Conformationally Flexible Phosphonic Acids 

      Gagnon, Kevin James (2013-07-19)
      The goal of the work described in this dissertation was to investigate the structure of metal phosphonate frameworks which were composed of conforma-tionally flexible ligands. This goal was achieved through investigating ...
    • A model for predicting response of nonlinear materials subjected to thermomechanical loading 

      Allen, David H. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1980)
      The research begins with a definition of the thermoelastic-plastic-creep continuum and the phenomena which must be predicted in order to obtain a usable theory for modelling the response of this type of medium. Next, several ...
    • P08 - Vertical Pump Problems and Solutions 

      Zentic, Clint; Satish, Hemanth; Wright, Howard; Kilgore, John; Merill, John; Korkowski, Frank; Hollingsworth, Justin (Turbomachinery LaboratoryTexas A&M Engineering Experiment StationTexas A & M University. Libraries, [2019])
    • Realistic Aging of Materials in Computer Graphics 

      Walker, Megan (2015-07-31)
      One of the most challenging tasks in Computer Graphics (CG) is depicting the accurate appearance of aging and weathered materials. This thesis examines the physical aging process of materials and translates that information ...
    • Techniques for processing composites of SiC-Al2O3 and Si3N4-Al2O3 

      Kongkachuichay, Paisan (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1992)
      Composites of SiC - AI2O3 and SiC - mullite are unstable at high temperatures. The reactions occurring within the composites above 1700°C in stagnant inert atmospheres were characterized. Gaseous products cause excessive ...
    • Tensile fracture and fatigue of cement stabilized soil 

      Crockford, William Welby (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1986)
      Concepts of elastic fracture mechanics are applied to an airfield pavement material. The material used to conduct the experimental work is a portland cement stabilized fine grained soil. Two primary areas of interest and ...