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    • Status Characteristics and Social Interaction 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-10)
      The authors review literature on effects of status differences on interaction and formulate general principles of status generalization to explain them. Next they conduct direct tests of the explanation in an experimental ...
    • Status Conditions of Self Evaluation 

      Berger, Joseph; Zeldtich, Morris Jr; Anderson, Bo; Cohen, Bernard P (2015-07-28)
      The authors develop a theory of structural and interactional factors involved in processes by which evaluations from others can affect one’s self-evaluation. The theory defines an effective “source” of evaluations, and ...
    • Status Conditions of Self-Evaluation 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr; Anderson, Bo; Cohen, Bernard P. (2017-08-24)
      This is a revision of TR#24. It expands the discussion of conditions for stability, adding the idea of cliques that support stable self-evaluations.
    • Status Organizing Processes 

      Berger, Joseph; Rosenholtz, Susan J; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      The authors review theoretical and empirical work related to the theory of status characteristics and expectation states to this date,1980.
    • A Stochastic Theory for Self-Other Expectations 

      Berger, Joseph; Snell, J. Laurie (2015-07-06)
      This technical report introduces the concept of self-other expectations (Joseph Berger’s [1958] dissertation also includes that term, although defined slightly differently), and develops propositions about their behavioral ...
    • Strategies, Theories, and Models 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (Stanford University Press, 1993)
      The authors describe unit theories, theoretical research programs, and orienting strategies, and elaborate on types of growth in theoretical research programs. This WP was published by the authors (1993).
    • Theoretical Structures and the Micro-Macro Problem 

      Berger, Joseph; Eyre, Dana P. (Sociological Theories in Progress: New Formulations, 1989)
      This WP was published by Berger, Eyre, and Zelditch (1989).
    • The Transfer of Status Expectations 

      Markovsky, Barry; Smith, Le Roy F; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
      The authors investigate transfer of a status intervention—introducing a specific status characteristic to reduce expectation effects of a diffuse status characteristic—across tasks and interactants. Experimental results ...