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    • The Advanced Research Consortium & Peer Review 

      Grumbach, Elizabeth (2016-07-27)
      This presentation given at the "Music Scholarship Online" meeting describes the procedures for peer reviewing digital projects employed by the Advanced research consortium
    • The Advanced Research Consortium and RDF Guidelines 

      Grumbach, Elizabeth (2016-07-27)
      This presentation presents the Resource Data Framework (RDF) requirements of the Advanced Research Consortium.
    • Bipartisanship Through the Eyes of the Supreme Court 

      Depue, Corie An
      My project has produced the first act of a written play examining the concept of judicial lockjaw and bipartisanship’s positive and negative effects on the Supreme Court. My work contributes to the genres of “Theatre of ...
    • Lemonade: A Gateway Drug 

      Green, Nicole Marie (2017-04-24)
      The divide between the popular and the esoteric typically prevents virtuosic and overtly political material from reaching the masses, limiting its reach to more highbrow consumers of art. Beyoncé’s 2016 release, Lemonade, ...
    • Music Scholarship Online Meeting Notes 

      Unknown author (2016-07-27)
      Notes from the Music Scholarship Online meeting held at Texas A&M University on January 28 and 29, 2016 in conjunction with the "MuSO: Aggregation and Peer Review for Music" project. This meeting considered metadata standards ...
    • Stage Management & Technology 

      O'Brien, Madison D (2013-02-04)
      Stage managers provide centralized communication, organization, and task coordination for all individuals in the production team. This study explores the advantages and disadvantages of different and new forms of technology ...
    • Temporarily Machiavellian: Performing the Self on "Survivor" 

      Roberts, Rebecca J
      "Temporarily Machiavellian" examines the performance of self in reality television. This study demonstrates how contestants on "Survivor" manipulate and reinvent their identities in performance. Combining the disciplines ...