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    • Baroque Sensation in Modern Design 

      Mason, Jordan 1986- (2011-05-02)
      The fundamental purpose of my research stems from the recognition of the fact that modern architectural design and architectural history have been segregated in our current educational system, and my goal is to develop a ...
    • The Empire of French Imperial Art: Jacques-Louis David and the Napoleonic Regime, 1799 to 1812 

      Bajew, Brian C (2010-04-30)
      This thesis deals with the relationship of art in Napoleonic France, with a specific focus of works glorifying Napoleon Bonaparte by Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon’s official court painter. The central focus of each image ...
    • The Role of the Horse in Mughal Miniature Paintings 

      Mullins, Emily (2012-07-11)
      The Mughal Empire lasted from 1526 until 1858 in present day Northern India and Pakistan, but was under strong imperial control until 1707. The Mughal emperors were Islamic invaders who combined their culture with that of ...