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dc.creatorBright, Elise
dc.creatorCutaia, Louis
dc.creatorBarrios, Nair
dc.creatorBrinkman, Travis
dc.creatorCaraballo, Stephany
dc.creatorChen, Long
dc.creatorColeman, Alex
dc.creatorCrosby, Kevin
dc.creatorDai, Boya
dc.creatorEspinoza, Carlos
dc.creatorHan, Dondjin
dc.creatorHansen, Todd
dc.creatorHyde, Allison
dc.creatorLazaro, Christopher
dc.creatorLin, Rosie
dc.creatorLopez, Michael
dc.creatorMartin, Michael
dc.creatorMasterson, Jaimie Hicks
dc.creatorMedina, Izel
dc.creatorPeackock, Walter M
dc.creatorSengupta, Koly
dc.creatorShelnutt, Andrew
dc.creatorSu, Jin
dc.creatorTan, Shuman
dc.creatorTang, Taoi
dc.creatorTran, Tho
dc.description.abstractGonzales Comprehensive Plan Five courses were devoted to the development of the comprehensive plan. Students assessed past and current conditions and projected growth in the following areas: transportation and infrastructure, housing, land use development, economic development, and facilities management. Landscape Architecture Design Concepts- Graduate students developed several landscape design concepts in and around the downtown and nearby parks.en
dc.description.sponsorshipTexas Target Communitiesen
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universalen
dc.titleGonzales Comprehensive Planen
dc.typeTechnical Reporten

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