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    • Application of Simple Smart Logic for Waterflooding Reservoir Management 

      Dall'Aqua, Marcelo Jacques (2016-12-06)
      A simple smart logic for controlling inflow control valves (ICV) in waterflooding reservoir management is implemented and analyzed, with the final objective of improving the long term financial return of a petroleum ...
    • The imbibition process of waterflooding in naturally fractured reservoirs 

      Huapaya Lopez, Christian A. (Texas A&M University, 2005-02-17)
      This thesis presents procedures to properly simulate naturally fractured reservoirs using dual-porosity models. The main objectives of this work are to: (1) determine if the spontaneous imbibition can be simulated using ...
    • Material Balance Reservoir Models Derived from Production Data 

      Wanderley De Holanda, Rafael (2019-04-09)
      Rate measurements are the most available data gathered throughout the production life of a field, and essential to understand reservoir dynamics. In order to gain knowledge quickly from such data for a massive number of ...