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    • Evolution of gender wage gap in Peru, 1997-2000 

      Montes, Jose L. (2009-05-15)
      Wage differentials result from different years of education or experience or size of the firms, and also from other factors that do not have anything to do with the labor characteristics of the individuals. One of these ...
    • Minimum Wage and Time Spent Looking for Work 

      Adams, Camilla G (2018-05-07)
      To evaluate the effect of minimum wage increases, theoretical search-and-matching models of the labor market rely on supply side responses attributed to increased incentives. The current minimum wage literature lacks an ...
    • Three Studies on the Socioeconomic Attainment of U.S. Immigrants and Their Descendants 

      Goodman, Xuanren Wang (2018-08-03)
      Immigrant incorporation into U.S. society has been an important topic and has attracted the academic attention of U.S. social scientists for decades. The current wave of immigrants differs from the earlier waves of European ...