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    • The effects of diamond injector angles on flow structures at various Mach numbers 

      McLellan, Justin Walter (Texas A&M University, 2006-10-30)
      Numerical simulations of a three dimensional diamond jet interaction flowfield at various diamond injector half angles into a supersonic crossflow were presented in this thesis. The numerical study was performed to improve ...
    • Supersonic turbulent boundary layers with periodic mechanical non-equilibrium 

      Ekoto, Isaac Wesley (Texas A&M University, 2007-04-25)
      Previous studies have shown that favorable pressure gradients reduce the turbulence levels and length scales in supersonic flow. Wall roughness has been shown to reduce the large-scales in wall bounded flow. Based on these ...
    • Thermochemistry Measurements in Non-Isobaric Flows 

      Ellis, Dean William (2017-08-03)
      The primary research objective of this study is to advance our understanding of flame suppression in supersonic flows by improving a technique capable of measuring the full thermochemistry in such non-isobaric reacting ...