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    • A Social Semiotic Discourse Analysis of Cinematic Portrayals of Science: Implications for Public Learning and Understanding 

      Parrella, Jean Anne (2020-04-29)
      Entertainment media play a significant role in the dissemination of science to the public. The persuasive ability of media texts, primarily film and televisions productions, can influence the public’s understanding and ...
    • Classification of Futuristic Technologies Described in Speculative Fiction Novels 

      Sittser, Kevin H
      Speculative fiction works of literature are full of unreal futuristic technologies meant to amuse and interest the reader in a potential or alternate future. Some readings of such novels occasionally reveal that through ...
    • Imagining Global Female Futures in Black Speculative and Science Fiction 

      Rico, Amanda Renee (2018-07-27)
      The goal of this study stems from one primary question: how are black women’s futures currently being imagined in works of cultural production? In this dissertation, I make the case that speculative and science fiction is ...
    • Islam in America: Faculty Development Workshop 

      Hankins, Rebecca (Kennesaw State University-African and African Diaspora Studies, 2014-06)
      Website devoted to a 2-day workshop for Kennesaw State University faculty to develop a methodology for infusing Islamic popular culture into the teaching curriculum for K-12 and undergraduate students.
    • Mysticism in Science Fiction: Science Fiction As a Vehicle for Mystical Thought and Experience 

      Rogers, Anna Catherine
      Literature Review: Much of the current available scholarship on science fiction and its engagement with the spiritual centers about religious tropes in science fiction, such as aliens as deities, gnosticism, the “personhood” ...
    • Of fish and swimming swords 

      Smith, James Gottlieb (2009-05-15)
      This original novel with a critical introduction is a summary and capstone of my study of creative writing at Texas A&M University. The introduction uses storytelling traditions in genre science fiction as well as non-genre ...
    • The Pirate Queen 

      Kuenzli, Jasmina Sara (2019-03-29)
      This thesis contains the critical introduction and the full text of my original science fiction novel, The Pirate Queen. The critical introduction details the literary, theoretical, and historical influences that led to ...
    • Worlds imagined: the Maps of Imaginary Places Collection 

      Brett, Jeremy; Laddusaw, Sierra (Texas A&M University Libraries, 2017)
      Catalog of an exhibit held in the Cushing Memorial Library & Archives at Texas A&M University, February 10-October 10, 2017.