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    • The failure of storytelling to ground a causal theory of reference 

      Tanksley, Charles William (Texas A&M University, 2004-09-30)
      I argue that one cannot hold a Meinongian ontology of fictional characters and have a causal theory of reference for fictional names. The main argument presented refutes Edward Zalta's claim that storytelling should be ...
    • Mining Writing Center Data for Information Literacy Practices 

      Graves, Stephanie J.; Anders, Kathy Christie; Balester, Valerie (Reference Services Review, 2017)
      ● Purpose ○ Collaborations between writing centers and libraries create opportunities for providing information literacy intervention for students doing researched writing. This case study gathered data from writing ...
    • Re-Reference Interval Prediction Swap Policy in the Linux Kernel 

      Singer, Andrew R
      Modern computing systems are placing ever greater pressure on their memory management systems. The current means of managing the page cache in the Linux kernel is a binary ranking standard through which cached pages are ...