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    • The existential and postmodern individual 

      Herring, Lesley Virginia (Texas A&M University, 2005-08-29)
      The theories of existentialism and postmodernism seem like very different ideas at first glance. Existentialism is a philosophy of individuals, while postmodernism is a theory focused more on society and less on individual ...
    • Making Room for Affect: Zadie Smith, David Foster Wallace, and the Authenticating Human 

      Tarpley, Bryan Paul (2019-04-05)
      The project at hand takes as its object of study an affect-centered model of subjectivity that emphasizes the role authentication plays in determining the intensity of the subject’s feelings, and thus, I argue, the degree ...
    • Seriality in Contemporary American Memoir: 1957-2007 

      McDaniel-Carder, Nicole Eve (2010-10-12)
      In this dissertation, I examine the practice of what I term serial memoir in the second-half of the twentieth century in American literature, arguing that serial memoir represents an emerging and significant trend in ...