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    • Effect of Event Staging Strategies on Quality of Experience 

      Stricklin, Melyssa-Anne Kaitlin (2016-04-22)
      This study examined the effects of two sets of event staging factors (“technical” and “artistic”) on the quality of experience (delight, perceived value, and intrinsically motivated fast thinking) of participants at a ...
    • Effects of Personalized Travel Destination Visual Image on Travel Motivation 

      Lee, Gwanggyu 1981- (2012-11-12)
      This study examines the personalization of shown travel destination visual images using professional photography upon travel motivations, feelings, and purchase intentions of consumers in the online environment. The research ...
    • Personalized Expert Recommendation: Models and Algorithms 

      Lu, Haokai (2017-12-04)
      Many large-scale information sharing systems including social media systems, questionanswering sites and rating and reviewing applications have been growing rapidly, allowing millions of human participants to generate and ...