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    • Choir Quarantined – Beyond Music Technology and Community building 

      Kannikeswaran, Kanniks
      The quarantine silences our collective musical voice, but a bright world awaits us.
    • Does Musical Behavior Promote Affiliation? 

      Harmon-Jones, Cindy Kay (2012-10-19)
      Past research suggested that greater rhythmic complexity in musical behavior increases affiliation in small groups. The current research tested the hypothesis that musical behavior including melody would promote affiliation. ...
    • I Just Called to Say I Love You 

      Patwardhan, Nandini
      I mistakenly thought the song “I just called to say I love you” was about a dystopian future, but it turned out to have the perfect message for the dystopian present.
    • I’m With the Band: Cultural Education and Community Formation Within Steel Bands 

      Muetzel, Joshua Allen (2020-05-21)
      How do a steel band’s practices, customs, and traditions create its unique social culture, and how are these practices rooted in the cultural history of the instrument? This text examines the history and evolution of the ...
    • Music and Architecture 

      Beavers, Rachael (2012-04-22)
      Often, both music and architecture reflect a certain zeitgeist of the era in which they were created; the underlying ideas and changing social principles are reflected in the art forms these societies create. This thesis ...
    • Sound Affects: The Role of Music in Affecting Quality of Life 

      Harmon, Justin Tyler (2015-04-24)
      Music is a topic that is not often covered in leisure studies even though it frequently accompanies many of the activities we participate in. Music is central to human development, communication and meaning-making, and as ...
    • The Art of Living. 

      Barry, Maggie W. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1938)
    • Timbre in Musical and Vocal Sounds: The Link to Shared Emotion Processing Mechanisms 

      Bowman, Casady Diane (2015-12-11)
      Music and speech are used to express emotion, yet it is unclear how these domains are related. This dissertation addresses three problems in the current literature. First, speech and music have largely been studied separately. ...
    • Unknown Architectures: Agnes Martin and Ian Curtis 

      Westwater, James Andrew (2017-05-02)
      This study focuses on the affective role of the built space of artistic production––the studio, the writing room, the rehearsal space, and the city––to examine, through the lens of architecture, mechanisms of artistic ...
    • Voicing Cohesion in the midst of COVID 

      Mani, Charulatha
      I had to lose myself in the thick of the COVID to even begin to fathom the true value of the human voice.