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    • An Alternative View on the Machismo Culture of Brownsville, TX 

      Aguilar, Hector Manuel (2019-05-29)
      Machismo is a commonly practiced ideology within the borderland communities of Texas. Attached to this practice are dominating performatives that oppress Latinas and Latinos. Such practices cause the LatinX community to ...
    • The Educational Potential of the Comic Hero 

      Gonzales, Michael L (2013-09-19)
      My project intends to analyze the education potential of comic heroes for the humanities in the development of a democratic citizenry. Drawing on critiques of certain Enlightenment conceptions of an individual autonomous ...
    • Luchando Unidos por la Libertad: the Latina/Latino Struggle for Education in the United States 

      Olivares-Alvarado, Ana Margarita (2015-04-30)
      This thesis explores the historical relationship between education and the political sphere in order to understand the current dynamic between education and democracy in the United States. The project discusses how the ...