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    • An Affine Based Homomorphic Encryption Scheme 

      Loyka, Kyle (2016-08-30)
      Standard encryption protocols do not allow for native searching or modification of data, without decryption. In this scenario, whoever is performing the operations on this file must also have the encryption key. Homomorphic ...
    • Re-Reference Interval Prediction Swap Policy in the Linux Kernel 

      Singer, Andrew R
      Modern computing systems are placing ever greater pressure on their memory management systems. The current means of managing the page cache in the Linux kernel is a binary ranking standard through which cached pages are ...
    • Simulation and Design of Biological and Biologically-Motivated Computing Systems 

      Zhang, Yong (2014-04-17)
      In life science, there is a great need in understandings of biological systems for therapeutics, synthetic biology, and biomedical applications. However, complex behaviors and dynamics of biological systems are hard to ...