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    • Derangements in a Ferrers Board 

      Linz, William B (2013-09-26)
      The classic derangement question of counting the number of derangements for n objects from some initial permutation of the objects was first considered by de Montfort in 1708. A particular recasting of a permutation allows ...
    • Graph searching and a generalized parking function 

      Kostic, Dimitrije Nenad (2009-05-15)
      Parking functions have been a focus of mathematical research since the mid-1970s. Various generalizations have been introduced since the mid-1990s and deep relationships between these and other areas of mathematics have ...
    • Monotone Sequences in Combinatorial Structures 

      Phillipson, Mitchell (2015-05-07)
      Symmetry of monotone sequences arise in many combinatorial structures, the classical examples being inversions and coinversions in permutations. Another example is crossings and nestings in matchings, partitions and ...