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    • Capacity estimation and code design principles for continuous phase modulation (CPM) 

      Ganesan, Aravind (Texas A&M University, 2004-09-30)
      Continuous Phase Modulation is a popular digital modulation scheme for systems which have tight spectral efficiency and Peak-to-Average ratio (PAR) constraints. In this thesis we propose a method of estimating the capacity ...
    • Low cost multi-channel GPS receiver 

      Painter, John H.; Tachita, R.; Ikeda, K.; Teranishi, A.; Noe, P.S. (IEEE, 1988-11-29)
      An investigation was conducted on compact, multichannel GPS (global positioning system) receivers. The code generator and correlation equipment were simplified, attempting to avoid downgrading the properties possessed by ...
    • Upper bounds on minimum distance of nonbinary quantum stabilizer codes 

      Kumar, Santosh (Texas A&M University, 2005-11-01)
      The most popular class of quantum error correcting codes is stabilizer codes. Binary quantum stabilizer codes have been well studied, and Calderbank, Rains, Shor and Sloane (July 1998) have constructed a table of upper ...