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    • The Impacts on Double Cropping in a Winter Wheat System on Soil Health and Crop Yields 

      Tomlin, Lauren Elise (2018-10-30)
      Double cropping can increase farm profit and food availability, and may improve soil function by sustaining year-round vegetation and building soil organic matter. However, replacing summer fallow with warm-season double ...
    • Optimization of protein isolation from sesame 

      Suleiman, Tagelsir Mohame (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1982)
      The use of salts, such as NaCl, Na(,2)SO(,3) and CaCl(,2), was examined as a means of improving yield and quality of protein isolates from sesame meal. Extraction conditions were identified as: 4% NaCl with Ca(OH)(,2) as ...