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    • Breaking Immigration Norms in the Age of COVID-19 

      Aswad, Noor Ghazal (2020-06-05)
      I reflect on the shifting nature of how refugees are rhetorically constituted in the disjunctive world of the contagion, intertwined with my own musings on my doctoral journey as a British-Syrian immigrant. I argue that ...
    • Corona on Two Continents: Same and Different 

      Frank, Russell (2020-06-05)
      I compare my situation during lockdown with that of a young Afghan named Morteza, who has been living in a refugee camp in northern Greece since 2016.
    • The illusion of peace: the fate of the Baltic Displaced Persons, 1945-1952 

      Eastes, Victoria Marite Helga (2009-05-15)
      Following the end of World War II, the Allied forces faced an immediate large- scale refugee crisis in Europe. Efforts focused on returning the millions of refugees to their homes as quickly as possible. Though the majority ...
    • Khmourg Nakry: A Ghost’s Story 

      Hough, Grace Neaksai
      This creative thesis takes the form of a short story and accompanying expanded plotline. The analysis and creative artifact study a self-described lack of understanding about half of my ethnic culture. This is within the ...
    • #payusviaBVN: Social Media, Lockdowns and Social Welfare in Nigeria 

      Ephraim, Philip Effiom (2020-06-05)
      Nigerians are employing social media channels to call out the government’s corrupt practices, particularly, the unequal distribution of monetary assistance meant for minimizing severe hardships caused by COVID-19 lockdowns.