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    • Control of the Lamb shift by a driving field 

      Yang, Shuai; Zheng, Hang; Hong, Ran; Zhu, Shi-Yao; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2010)
      A unitary transformation approach is used to study the energy level shift of the atom coupled to both a vacuum electromagnetic field and a driving laser. The Lamb shift of the energy levels is shown to depend on the Rabi ...
    • Electromagnetically induced transparency in rubidium vapor prepared by a comb of short optical pulses 

      Sautenkov, V. A.; Rostovtsev, Y. V.; Ye, C. Y.; Welch, George R.; Kocharovskaya, O.; Scully, Marlan O. (American Physical Society, 2005)
      It was shown by Kocharovskaya and Khanin [Sov. Phys. JETP 63, 945 (1986)] that a comb of optical pulses can induce a ground-state atomic coherence and change the optical response of an atomic medium. In our experiment, we ...