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    • Livingston, Stephen; Bade, David H. (1996-10-21)
      When hail, drought, flooding or untimely freezes destroy an established crop, planting an emergency alternative crop may be the producer's only hope for a profitable season. This publication helps producers determine which ...
    • Gouge, Dawn H.; Smith, Kirk A.; Wilkerson, Don (2000-01-12)
      This field guide provides excellent photo identification keys for numerous pests and beneficials found in nursery, greenhouse and floral crops. The text includes a physical description, examples of damage and information ...
    • Livingston, Stephen; Bade, David H.; Dorsett, Donald J. (2001-02-22)
      Haygrazers are described as crosses of forage types of sorghum, sorgo and sudangrass. Haygrazers can provide a stockpile of forage into the summer months.
    • Livingston, Stephen; Bremer, John E.; Parker, Roy D.; Miller, Travis (1995-11-22)
      Canola is a term patented by the Canadian government. It refers to rapeseed (Brassica napus), which has specific chemical properties that lend themselves to the production of a high-quality cooking oil and an edible meal ...
    • Patrick, Carl D. (1999-02-15)
      Insect pests are often a major limiting factor in Texas sunflower production. This publication describes the major insect pests infesting the sunflower head, stalk, foliage and roots, and offers suggestions for controlling ...
    • Stichler, Charles (1997-05-05)
      With proper management, alfalfa will produce forage with the highest protein and total digestible nutrient of any hay crop. To aid in alfalfa production, this publication provides information on pre-plant factors, planting ...
    • Way, M. O.; Cockrell, Jay (2008-03-11)
      This publication gives Texas rice farmers the latest research-based information about producing rice in Texas. Recommendations are based on research conducted by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA.
    • Bogran, Carlos E. (2006-12-18)
      Whiteflies damage cultivated crops and greenhouse and ornamental plants. This booklet describes whiteflies, their life cycle and habits. Whitefly damage and control and insecticide safety precautions are also discussed.