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    • Bajdek, Brennan P. (2012-07-16)
      In February of 2008, two 18-pounder carronades were discovered off the Oregon coast near Arch Cape in Clatsop County. In addition to the carronades, several associated artifacts were collected from the site, including ...
    • Burger, J. (Farbenphotogr. Gesellschaft (Color Photograph Society) (Stuttgart (Europe, Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart district)); Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 2012-03-05)
      (Color) This postcard is a painting of several soldiers on the battlefield firing cannons at Reims, the burning town. The stamp reads "German Empire" and costs 5 pfennings. On the top left corner of the back is a picture ...
    • Cowen, Laurence, 1865-1942 (British Manufacture ((probably) England (Europe, United Kingdom)); Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 2012-03-05)
      (Black and White) This card is a scene reprinted from the "Daily Express" film called "Wake Up!" by Laurence Cowen. The card depicts troops coming in to shore by boat and setting up cannons. This card is uninscribed and unposted.