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    • Damage assessment and alternate host plants of sorghum panicle-feeding bugs 

      Hall, David Goodsell (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1981)
      Five species of panicle--feeding bugs were found in commercial sorghum in southeast central Texas: Rice stink bug (Oebalus pugnax F.), southern green stink bug (Nezara viridu la L.), leaffooted bug (Leptoglossus phyllopus ...
    • Premium Efficient Motors 

      Moser, P. R. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1984)
      Premium efficient motors are available which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy with fewer losses than the more standard motors. The fewer losses in these motors are due to changes in the motor design and ...
    • A study of sorghum diseases in Honduras, their importance under different cropping systems, and strategies for their control 

      Wall, George Clayton (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1986)
      Twenty-one sorghum diseases were identified in different sorghum-growing regions of Honduras, of which eight were studied with regard to their effect on sorghum yield. Sorghum downy mildew, caused by Peronosclerospora ...