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    • Direct Observation of Hyperfine Quenching of the (2)3p0 Level in Helium-Like Nickel 

      Dunford, R. W.; Liu, C. J.; Last, J.; Berrahmansour, N.; Vondrasek, R.; Church, David A.; Curtis, L. J. (American Physical Society, 1991)
      We report a clear demonstration of the effect of hyperfine quenching of a forbidden transition by direct comparison of the lifetimes of the 2 3P0 level in the heliumlike isotopes Ni-61(26+) and Ni-58(26+). We find the ...
    • Measurement of a magnetic-dipole transition probability in Xe32+ using an electron-beam ion trap 

      Serpa, F. G.; Morgan, C. A.; Meyer, E. S.; Gillaspy, J. D.; Trabert, E.; Church, David A.; Takacs, E. (American Physical Society, 1997)
      The transition probability for the 3d(4) D-5(2) <-- D-5(3) magnetic-dipole transition in Ti-like Xe (Xe32+) has been measured using an electron-beam ion trap. The unusually weak dependence of the transition energy on nuclear ...
    • Quenching Collisions of Low-Energy Metastable Multiply-Charged Argon Ions 

      Church, David A.; Yang, L. S.; Tu, S. G. (American Physical Society, 1994)
      Quenching rates have been measured for selected metastable levels of Ar(q+) ions (q = 2, 3, 9, and 10) stored in a Kingdon ion trap, with mean energies of 262q eV and 181q eV. Effective quenching cross sections derived ...