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    • Continuum spectroscopy with a (10)C beam: Cluster structure and three-body decay 

      Charity, R. J.; Wiser, T. D.; Mercurio, K.; Shane, R.; Sobotka, L. G.; Wuosmaa, A. H.; Banu, A.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E. (American Physical Society, 2009)
      Resonance-decay spectroscopy is used to study particle-unbound excited states produced in interactions of E/A=10.7 MeV (10)C on Be and C targets. After inelastic scattering, structures associated with excited states in ...
    • Decays and Masses of Ta-162,ta-163 and some Neighboring Nuclides 

      Hagberg, E.; Sun, X. J.; Koslowsky, V. T.; Schmeing, H.; Hardy, John C. (American Physical Society, 1992)
    • High precision measurements of Na-26 beta(-) decay 

      Grinyer, GF; Svensson, CE; Andreoiu, C.; Andreyev, AN; Austin, RAE; Ball, GC; Chakrawarthy, RS; Finlay, P.; Garrett, PE; Hackman, G.; Hardy, John C.; Hyland, B.; Iacob, VE; Koopmans, KA; Kulp, WD; Leslie, JR; Macdonald, JA; Morton, AC; Ormand, WE; Osborne, CJ; Pearson, CJ; Phillips, AA; Sarazin, F.; Schumaker, MA; Scraggs, HC; Schwarzenberg, J.; Smith, MB; Valiente-Dobon, JJ; Waddington, JC; Wood, JL; Zganjar, EF. (American Physical Society, 2005)
      High-precision measurements of the half-life and beta-branching ratios for the beta(-) decay of Na-26 to Mg-26 have been measured in beta-counting and gamma-decay experiments, respectively. A 4 pi proportional counter and ...