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    • Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-09-16)
      A balance sheet is a statement of the financial condition of a business at a specific time. This publication briefly discusses the balance sheet, its uses, and how to evaluate it.
    • Klinefelter, Danny A. (2003-01-06)
      Almost all farmers and ranchers rely on credit at times. Before approaching a lender, certain information must be gathered and decisions made. The 12 questions in this publication lead the prospective borrower through this ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2008-10-28)
      Credit is a requirement for farming and ranching enterprises. Nowadays, lending institutions are requiring more and better information about enterprises before credit will be extended. This is a guide to the documentation ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-02-04)
      A cash flow statement is simply a record of the dollars coming in and the dollars going out of a business. This publication briefly discusses cash flow and gives a cash flow projection for operating loan determination.
    • McCorkle, Dean; Bevers, Stan (2009-03-02)
      SPA is a tool for determining the production and financial performance of an individual cow-calf enterprise. It allows producers to compare production systems, identify areas that need to be changed and measure progress ...
    • Johnson, Jason; Polk, Wade (2002-08-12)
      Asset allocation largely determines the success of one's investments. This publication explains the different types of assets and how to choose the ones that best suit your goals and investment timeline.
    • Klinefelter, Danny A. (1996-11-01)
      Most agricultural producers use cash accounting, although accrual accounting systems are best for measuring business performance. This publication explains how producers can adjust cash basis income to accrual income to ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean; Klose, Steven (2008-10-17)
      This publication explains the differences between cash and accrual accounting and suggests how farmers and ranchers can get the best of both accounting systems. There are sample income statements and a table to illustrate ...
    • Pena, Jose G.; Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-10-17)
      Those who succeed will manage their operations as farm/ranch businesses, with more emphasis on recordkeeping, planning, profitability analysis and repayment-based financing, and with better production and business monitoring ...
    • Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-09-16)
      An income statement measures the success of a business in terms of net income or loss for a period of time. An income statement of a farm business includes items in seven major categories. This publication describes each ...
    • Knapek, George M.; Klose, Steven; Raulston, James M. (2009-03-26)
      This publication examines the way the 2008 Farm Bill and the uncertain credit market may affect each other. It discusses the connection between credit and policy.
    • Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; Outlaw, Joe (2000-11-08)
      Enterprise budgets can help farmers and ranchers make better decisions about what products to produce and how to produce them economically. This publication tells how to create and use enterprise budgets and includes an example.
    • Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean; Schwart Jr., Robert B.; Tomaszewski, Michael A.; DeLano, Fred D. (1999-09-21)
      A good manager invests time in careful planning, which includes developing a vision and a mission statement to guide the business enterprise. This publications discusses management of finances, people, equipment and land ...