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    • Experiments and Analysis of Evaporation in Electrode Processing for Energy Storage 

      Stein, Malcolm T (2015-04-20)
      Despite the wide range of ideal applications for LIBs, there is still room for improvement in their performance. While novel electrode materials are typically prohibitively expensive to develop and implement, changes to ...
    • "Separations: Dust to Dust" or " You Can't Escape Em" 

      Massey, R. G. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      Separations are recognized by industry as one of the larger, if not the largest, energy using processes in industrial production. Starting with the extraction of materials from the environment, through the processes ...
    • Solar Roof Cooling by Evaporation 

      Patterson, G. V. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1980)
      Evaporation is nature's way of cooling. By spraying a light film of water in the form of a mist for thirty seconds, then turning the sprays off for five minutes while evaporation takes place, the roof temperature can be ...