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    • Evidence and Epistemology in Early Modern English Drama 

      Hagstrom-Schmidt, Nicole E. (2019-07-09)
      Evidence and Epistemology in Early Modern English Drama focuses on ways of knowing in a period before the disciplinary paradigms that we use today crystallized. Operating in a period of epistemological flux, writers in ...
    • Perceptual Disanalogy: On the Alstonian Analogy Argument from Religious Experience 

      Williams, William Coleman (2010-10-12)
      Analogy arguments from religious experience attempt to establish a direct analogy between sense perception and certain kinds of religious experience construed in terms of a perceptual model. C. B. Martin challenges ...
    • Scientific Epistemology 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2021-01-25)
      These are the notes for my introductory lecture in VIBS 658, Research Methods in Science and Technology Journalism. Aside from covering the learning objectives and mechanics of the course, we begin the class with a discussion ...
    • Scientific Epistemology 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2020-01-12)
    • Scientific Epistemology: How Do We Know What We Know? 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2019-05-31)
      Students in STEM disciplines often make it to their senior years in college with no clear concept of how scholarly knowledge is generated. They see science as a collection of facts to be memorized rather than as a process ...
    • The Varieties of Self-Knowledge 

      Kabeshkin, Anton Sergeevich (2012-07-16)
      In this thesis I consider the problem of the distinctiveness of knowledge of our own mental states and attitudes. I consider four influential approaches to this problem: the epistemic approach, the "no reasons view," the ...
    • VIBS 310 Week 2: Epistemology and Biomedical Writing 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2021-01-25)
      Many of the peculiarities of scientific discourse only make sense in light of how scientists generate new knowledge. Therefore, I begin VIBS 310: Biomedical Writing with a discussion of scientific epistemology.