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    • Coherence-induced entanglement 

      Li, F. L.; Xiong, H.; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2005)
      We show how atomic coherence can lead to entanglement between two thermal fields at a temperature T. We first show that the passage of a three-level atom in V configuration without coherence cannot create entanglement. ...
    • Quenching of spontaneous emission through interference of incoherent pump processes 

      Kapale, KT; Scully, Marlan O.; Zhu, S. Y.; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2003)
      We investigate the steady-state spontaneous emission of a V-type three-level atom, with the coherence between the two upper levels modified and controlled via incoherent pumping to a fourth auxiliary level. The external ...