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    • Buddhism east and west: Chinese Buddhism in Beijing and Houston 

      Wilson, Melinda (2009-05-15)
      Although Buddhism was introduced in the United States over a century ago, only recently has it become part of the mainstream. In addition to the exponential increase in Buddhist practitioners in the United States, scholar ...
    • The Religiosity of Vietnamese Americans 

      Le, Jennifer Linh (2012-07-16)
      Religion is a deeply important tradition in many people's lives, especially for those forced to leave abruptly their homes and loved ones and resettle in a foreign land. Religion not only provides spiritual guidance but ...
    • The Borobudur Vessels in Context 

      Inglis, Douglas Andrew (2014-07-28)
      Eleven boats are depicted in the bas-reliefs that cover the walls of Borobudur, a ninth century C.E. Buddhist monument located in central Java. These vessels are an important source of information about the complexities ...