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    • Blanche No More: Voice, Letter, Agency 

      McGuire, Janiece Anne (Texas A&M University, 2013-02-22)
      Blanche No More: Voice, Letter, Agency seeks to locate, examine and trace the role of the author in culture. The subject of Authorship is one that is seemingly endless, therefore, Blanch No More: Voice, Letter, Agency ...
    • Light and sound underground: a study of rave culture 

      Harrison, Summer Gioia (Texas A&M University, 2013-02-22)
      Pulsating colors flash, beat throbs deeper, deeper down, lift me up into this ecstasy: the world of rave. Rave culture is a strikingly significant, subversive subculture of recent and current times. Unique to the ...
    • Requiem's Waltz, a novel illuminating interpersonal relations between inner-and other-directed identities 

      Elefano, Antonio Coronel (Texas A&M University, 2013-02-22)
      In The Lonely Crowd, David Riesman proposes the distinction between inner- and other-directed people. Inner-directed people have core values and are internally driven. Contrast this with the other-directed individual who ...