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    • Robinson, John; Park, John; Smith, Jackie; Anderson, Carl (2006-10-10)
      This publication explains basic marketing alternatives for cotton producers, including forward contracts, cash sales, marketing pools and USDA loan programs.
    • Johnson, Jason; Smith, Jackie; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Waller, Mark L. (1999-06-23)
      Many factors affect option premium values. This publication list these factors and gives brief explanations of them.
    • Pena, Jose; Amosson, Stephen; Bevers, Stanley; Cornforth, Gerald; Falconer, Lawrence; Jenson, Robert; Lovell, Ashley; Smith, Jackie; Stokes, Kenneth (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1994)
    • Anderson, Carl; Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; O'Brien, Daniel (1999-06-23)
      Put options are a pricing tool with considerable flexibility for managing price risk. This publication discusses some put option basics, how put options work and how to use them.
    • Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; Outlaw, Joe (2000-11-08)
      Enterprise budgets can help farmers and ranchers make better decisions about what products to produce and how to produce them economically. This publication tells how to create and use enterprise budgets and includes an example.
    • Bevers, Stan; Amosson, Stephen H.; Smith, Jackie; O'Brien, Daniel (2008-10-07)
      Producers who have superior information hold a distinct marketing advantage over those who do not. This publication lists various sources of marketing and production information and where to obtain them.
    • Smith, Jackie; Waller, Mark L.; Anderson, Carl; Welch, Mark (2008-10-21)
      A marketing club is a group of people who usually meet once or twice a month with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of marketing and other risk management concepts. This publication offers suggestions for ...
    • Roberts, Roland; Baker, Marty; Braverman, Michael; Bryant, Joseph J.; Cotner, Sam; Dainello, Frank; Helmers, Sammy; Hickey, Michael; Kaufman, Harold; Longbrake, Thomas; Morrison, William P.; Parsons, Jerry; Smith, Jackie; Stein, Larry (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1991)