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    • Bailey, R. T.; Tasdighi, A.; Park, S.; Tavakoli-Kivi, S.; Abitew, T.; Jeong, J.; Green, C. H. M.; Worqlul, A. W. (Environmental Modelling & Software; Texas &M University. Libraries, 2021)
      APEX (Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender) is an oft-used agroecosystem model but has limited use in groundwater-driven watersheds due to a simplistic representation of groundwater processes. This paper presents the ...
    • Wunch, D.; Toon, G. C.; Wennberg, P. O.; Wofsy, S. C.; Stephens, B. B.; Fischer, M. L.; Uchino, O.; Abshire, J. B.; Bernath, P.; Biraud, S. C.; Blavier, J.-F. L.; Boone, C.; Bowman, K. P.; Browell, E. V.; Campos, T.; Connor, B. J.; Daube, B. C.; Deutscher, N. M.; Diao, M.; Elkins, J. W.; Gerbig, C.; Gottlieb, E.; Griffith, D. W. T.; Hurst, D. F.; Jiménez, R.; Keppel-Aleks, G.; Kort, E.; Macatangay, R.; Machida, T.; Matsueda, H.; Moore, F.; Morino, I.; Park, S.; Robinson, J.; Roehl, C. M.; Sawa, Y.; Sherlock, V.; Sweeney, C.; Tanaka, T.; Zondlo, M. A. (Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2010)
    • Roshchin, Igor V.; Li, Chang-Peng; Suhl, Harry; Batlle, Xavier; Roy, S.; Sinha, Sunil K.; Park, S.; Pynn, Roger; Fitzsimmons, M. R.; Mejía-López, Jose; Altbir, Dora; Romero, A. H.; Schuller, Ivan K. (Europhysics Letters (EPL), 2009)